Tuesday, November 24, 2015


What would I wear on a Sunday morning? Mmmm.... Something simple yet captivating perhaps!
It's nice and easy to look fresh and dainty by wearing pastel colors like this shapeless short dress that has intricate bead details. Nothing spells effortless chic like this one. 
        Something as white and as elegant as these sunglasses to complement the look.

                 White lacy sneakers to make my outfit less dress but more laidback.

How's your weekend?


I don't know how I came up with this title post, I guess because of my almost all black outfit that I linked its some sort of mysteriousness and darkness to obsession. Well, all of us have our own obsession; from simple to outrageous. How about you? What is your obsession?   

I like how these separates look like a dress but has a hint of sexiness whenever I move because of the cropped top yet the high waist skirt keeps it modest.
These cat eyes sunglasses are so dramatic and adds mysteriousness and classiness to my look.

Nothing beats a pop of lust-worthy red on a monotonous black look. It finishes off with its magical touch.

The turquoise earcuff compliments the serious look by making it more fun and rule-breaker. Playing up with accessories to make your outfit versatile is my favorite part.

 Silver shoes for the win! My look will never be boring with these too cool for school brogues.

Cool Kids

Years ago, when life was simpler I would always like to be clad in much complicated outfits, complete with layering and stuffs. But as life progresses, my taste in clothes also changed. I do not know if I just became lazy to dress up or it's just that I now understood the power of understatement.

Like the ensemble I am wearing right now, a simple yet comfortable top paired with vintage high-waist shorts and I am off to stroll the day away.

But of course my OOTD won't be complete without these gold deets. I now choose simple accessories unlike before where I dig for those big chokers, bangles, and etc. I had enough of those heavy metals (no not the music kind of thing!) I go for classic pieces that makes basics fab looking.

Polarized sunnies to complete the laid-back look.

I like this look a lot on me and come to think of it I spent less time fixing and dressing up than the usual without giving up being stylish. It is easier to move and do errands too. It's a nice transition that I can get used to but still I would be donning not so simple outfits every now and then, I just can't help it! ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Save the Day



With the power bestowed upon me…
               Someone told me that phrase when he saw me wearing a cape on my top, but not just your ordinary cape but a scarf-printed one. Ironic how classy the deets on my cape when it signifies strength and power to a lot of people. While Superman chose to showcase his hero’s name initial on his cape, I opt to wear mine in such a feminine way. Matched with an equally dainty cream-colored skirt with its embossed floral design, I look so clean and elegant. Add those pointed shoes that has bipolar color combo- a dramatic crimson and delicate white; as a cherry on top to my whole ensemble.
I think I totally nailed the look I am trying to achieve which is to interpret the idea that anyone can be an invincible hero on their own way and save the day while still being innocent and fragile at the same time.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


 Finally! After months of continuous work without any vacay break, I was able to feel free again. I can’t contain my excitement when I knew that I’ll be going to Zambales for a short trip. I was able to breathe fresh air instead of city smog and see nature’s various shades of greens and blues aside from gray buildings. Yes! I can rest for a while and feel alive and anew. It only lasted for a day but I think it is enough to energize me to face my daily routine once again after this.
 Since I anticipated the walking “marathon” part and the blazing heat I decided to wear an outfit that is still OOTD-worthy but somehow comfy and casual. What else would it be, but an off-shoulder top that allowed air to seep through my skin. The floral print also helped me achieve that Coachella vibe I was going for a bit.

 While these cat eyes sunglasses finished off my look with its “don’t talk to me” drama that is perfect for a time like this where I just want to be alone and savor the peaceful moment I seldom have.

 When I was in my elementary days, I used to hoard denim skirts, then after some time I found it tacky. But here I am adoring it one more time and now I can see why not.

 These nude sandals are everything, not only is it super comfy but also ultra-chic. It can go from office to day out.

P.S. I am currently obsessed with Gakuen Alice manga and had completed reading all 180 chapters. Now I am going crazy browsing the net for an English-translated Gakuen Alice Memorial book as it reveals the epilogue of the manga. Pretty please, if you know the website link where I can found one, do comment it here or message me on Facebook or Instagram. Won’t you give this obsessed lady some love? Thanks! J