Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crazy in Love

August is up and coming and upon its arrival, 20 days I should wait and I can watch  the Fifty Shades of Grey the movie. My enjoyment would perhaps skyrocket if only my beloved Grey is starred by Ian Somerhalder, but oh unlucky me, that is not the case. But I'm not giving up on it and still expecting a great movie though.
But what caught my fancy is its OST! Who would have thought that it would be Crazy in Love by Beyonce but in slow version by her also, unexpected but totally loving it. But honestly I kind of thought that it could be Breathless by  The Corrs, haha! In fairness the lyrics could be really related to the storyline.(wink!)
As for my ensemble,  it's now a chance for me to get cozy in thick pull overs, sweaters, and tops which includes this slightly wool long sleeves top that is so adorable especially the detail on the shoulders part.
It's very Verniece Enciso and Tricia Gosingtian for me to don this kind of outfit, like so dolled up considering the cream and blush tone colors then the manner of dressing itself. Emulating the looks of two of my blogger icons is a very fun process since I'm always referring to their looks when I'm dressing up.
Anyways, I now have a twitter account, it is itsmeohjoyce. Please follow me and I promise to follow back! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Space

Please visit my very own website at for some added trivia about me and of course my dears, you could always create one for yourself if you feel like showing some informations, collections, and something you are proud of to everyone.

All About Me

It's all just a subject requirement at first but now I'm so much having fun creating a space for myself in this website. It's too cool and easy and why not try making one for yourself, it's like advertising and expressing yourself for free. you can refer to mine if you want. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


There's no denying that it's feels so good to wear trendy clothes that drowns you with its presence in every fashion related materials, it's just gives you the idea that you are one of those perfect models slash  celebrities slash bloggers. But unfortunately , the truth is that those fads would just come and go and may have the tendency to leave you bankrupt if you had spent most of your resources to stock up on those or worse you might be labeled a fashion junkie who just follows what is new at the moment. 

 Yes, I've been once a victim of that fashion illusion but is now happy that I'm progressively recovering from it and I'll gladly share with you a tip on how to still rock those clothes that you (or would- in case that you are still stuck on the syndrome!) regret buying compulsively.

Oh the cropped top, yup it's so versatile and I do still think that its charm and use won't ever fade, well kind of, but think of it as a fast forgotten piece of fabric once a new soon to be popular clothes come out in your favorite apparel shops and being worn by almost every girl. 

To maximize the use of cropped tops until forever if you like or until it just tear apart, you could pair it with items that are considered classic like the midi pencil skirt. After all those vintage classics are here to stay and is being revived by the fashionistas all around the world. 

It even pass up as a business outfit like what I did with my look today. Just layered it with yet another wardrobe necessity piece which is this blazer and I'm good to go. With the choice of bold color and nice touch of print, no need for too much blings this time.
Blazer is vintage, top fron John Brianne, skirt from Zara

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Touch Love

The title of this post has actually nothing to do with my outfit, just a random thought but the explanation behind this title is actually my latest obsession right now. Touch love is the OST of my current fave kdrama which is the Master's Sun (I'll be doing an outfit post inspired by that soon!) It's korean, I know but upon relying on our bff Google, I found its english translation and well, it's cute. Forget the tongue confusions, what important is that I enjoy listening to it.
Anyhoo, I certainly been playing it safe with the past looks I worn because of the feminine and solid colors so I wanted to give my style a switch every now and then like this one where I put two prints together. Not so extraordinary but interesting enough to create diversity on my daily business ensembles. Also take note of the colors i chose, its dark unlike the pastel vomit I've been commited to wear more often.
I have this perception that once its stripe it has a parisian effect for me, add a scarf and totally au courant. While this skirt reminds me of if not high school uniforms, those men who plays bagpipe, weird eh.

Brogues are the shoes that I would wear with anything, its androgynous appeal adds twist even on the most girly outfit. I even used to own the same color of these brogues but the difference is that these have heels, cool! But the kitten heels is so comfy that i managed to walk and semi-run in it when we scoured the street of Imus to search for a client for our subject requirement.

On the coming days or weeks I'll be posting some other-related stuffs here for a project, hope you'd support me and follow/like those social media accounts I'll be posting here. Ciao!

                                                    Shoes from Vicki, Skirt from Stylenanda 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shore Thing

There are days when I just want to dress up casually but i just can't resist to add a little touch of something to spruce my outfit up. That is when the magic of statement/graphic come to the rescue. 

Heat be damned, but I'd still don denim on denim like it's a natural thing to do, but to appease anyone who would be scandalized to see me in this kind of fabric, light-color version are my bet.

The anchor on my inner top is just so darn cute, I just have not met someone who doesn't like anchor design and I don't think I ever will.
A splash of unexpected color is what you need to show a bit of your wild side may it be on your accessories, shoes, or in my case the bag.  
Because I don't want too much action in my outfit, I chose shoes that in the same color but in a adorb floral print.

                    denim top by Gap, jeans by Jag, Anchor top-thrifted, shoes from Kicks by SM Dept.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lemon Plus Mint

Now that I'm near the brink of my college life, confusions and doubt frequently come and go inside my mind; what career path I should follow, opportunities that I may encounter, risks I need to take in order to grow, and lots more.  But enlightenment really shows right into your face at unexpected times like today when an alumnus, Mr. Jerry Ross Misa came to have a short talk to promote his baby (no, not that kind of baby!) but his very own agency called Big Brother Manila that will be launched this 25th of July together with the 8th anniv of his dad's production agency, Abracadabra. Like what he said, it's amazing because that will be the day of celebration for the father's anniversary and the birth of the son's brainchild. 
He is actually the only Filipino endorser of the Red One camera which is the new trend when it comes to videography/ cinematography international level that is yet to come here in the Philippines so because of them we are about experience greater advertisements, awesome right? But I won't do much further ado and just search more info about it yourself to fully understand what I'm saying.
The BBM are actually recruiting those who are interested to learn and he is up to train the potential students and who knows one of them might be absorbed to work and be part of their cool team. 

  I know you might be interested with what I told you above but I can't let this post go without any fuss about my outfit today.

Like what I said in my previous post, I've been dressing up in pastel colors lately and I feel so light and vibrant. But to take it up a notch I wore this canary yellow cardigan that is so vivid but not to the extent of an eyesore even I accessorized it with equally intense color of this turquoise necklace, it actually looked good even though it's not in the same shade palette. 

 Since my pants are plain white I can liven it up with a cheerful floral print. To balance the playful colors of my ensemble, these mint shoes are just perfect- simple enough not to overpower the look but not still pretty not to be blah.