Thursday, April 24, 2014


Waterfalls always makes me think of fairies that is why I made sure to wear something flowy and feminine when my backdrop is as serene as this.

Florals and light tones will never be contrast against subdued colors of nature and anything peaceful deserves equivalent harmony even in my outfits.
It felt so different wearing this kind of ensembles unlike what I usually wear when I'm in the city which should always be fast to wear, movable, and runs at the side of being trendy but this time I made sure to pack in my bag clothes that has the color of either pastels or neons in prints like floral or tribal. It feel so good to be able to go out wearing something you would really like to rock but some hindrances doesn't permit you to do so. Being free while hugging the short time you are given to spend in the nature far from stress, pollution, problems, and complications. they say that city is really better than provinces but there are just some things you can never experience and will never be able to buy even how rich you are without going into places like this and if I would name one it would be peace of mind.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 Isn't it that summer is the best excuse to bring out your most colorful clothes and wear it like there is no tomorrow? For me I totally agree with it and I really took advantage of the chance to look very cute and young by pairing this floral dress under the turquoise skater skirt.

 Funny how I try to get every opportunity I can to look young and adorable while I’m not reaching my early 20's because 6 months from now I would be upgrading to another decade and so is my style preference but maybe i would stick to being a fashion rebel and still dress the way i would like to anyways, fashion is meant to be bent and broken the way it would fit you.

Behind me in the first pictures are the famous attraction in Bicol, which is the Mt. Mayon, unfortunately it's still foggy at that time so we weren't able to see the whole beauty of the perfect-shaped cone of the volcano yet at our way home we saw the full view of the Mayon while the sunset rays reflecting to it, I was all like WOW! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Postcards from Caramoan

 Many Filipinos and even other nationalities are dying to see Boracay every summer. Why not if this paradise lets you experience fine, white sand, clean and pretty beaches. Aside from that Bora has evolved into a full-scale tourist attraction with many water sports activities to try, luxurious hotel accomodations, night life, etc.

 But if you're someone who is searching for an island where you can relax and appreciate the wonder of nature alone then why not try Caramoan? I've mentioned here before in my blog the process on how to reach the said destination, and it's quite not what a non-extreme adventurous tourist like me would expect but it's something you could say only in Caramoan and is very memorable indeed. But don't let that frustrate you because when you see the whole place you'll never regret risking your life for once, LOL!

 There are many inns owned by the villagers there that are open for rents for the tourists, it may not be as grand as the popular beach resorts but you'll be in love with the kindness and hospitality of the residents.

 To fully enjoy and discover the beauty of the island you have to go island hopping which is so exciting! The boats could at least carry up to 5 passengers and 2 drivers. The boat is relatively small but convenient and safe enough. The waves also added thrill to the whole trip. I love how clear the water is that we can still see the rocks and corals underneath making it unobvious deep.
 I was in awe with the different island each were stunning, impressive different shades of blue sea, vibrant greeneries, and epic rock formation, no wonder Survivor India chose this place to shoot.  There were other islands which have some exclusive villas already, but others are so virgin, we even met some tourists who camped there overnight, so cute!

Apparently on one island it is said that there's a blue lagoon that has a huge milkfish dwelling in there but unfortunately the way is too steep for us to climb the rocks and were not ready so maybe next time? Because I'm definitely going back there for another round!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


This top and skirt combo almost looked like an ombre dress mimicking the exquisite sunset which I very much appreciated and find time to look again only that time of my short but sweet vacation.

This peach skater skirt actually has a suspender which I managed to hide. It matches my skintone that time and this light cover-up top created a gradient illusion.
Flower tops are kind of abused again by me especially that this whole trip is dedicated for the beach and this headpiece is the cutest topper for everything summer-ideal outfits.

Imagine having your own filter like sepia through your eyes when you are wearing sunnies like this one.

Having this magnificent place is not an everyday experience and so using the nature as my backdrop will always be special and I guess anything looks extraordinary because of the location.


 My pale white skin finally got the chance to be baked to sun-kissed or so I thought but really, summer always makes everyone want that morena glow. But until I haven't reacg that goal i'd be wearing colors that would look decent on my ghostly-white like pink.
 This skirt looks so girly so I to add edginess to it a piece of tribal print bandeau makes the trick.

Again polarized sunnies in magenta looks stunning and saves my undone peepers under these cute lenses.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Just looking at the this impressive island inspires me a lot starting fro m this outfit. The ocean has a gradient color from blue to green and so is my ombre shorts while the top serves as the powdery white sand. The scarf? it's the trees, flowers and any other natural things that brings more color and life to the my so-called paradise.
Oh summer you make everything 10 times beautiful and perfect. Seeing this wonders reminds me how lovely my life is. Spending even just days on this kind of experience is something you deserve and would remember all your life, that sometime along in your journey you witnessed something as magnificent as this.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Summer Breeze

 Every girls dreamt of being a mermaid once in their life but we all know that it 's quite impossible unless you have access to the high-technology to transform you into one or you could head to a trusted costume shop to get a nearly realistic tails. But if you are having a vacation to an island for just few days then don't fuss yourself too much and why not try imitating other sea creatures! If you're thinking a full animal costume then that's something to laugh about what I'm saying is try being one with the ocean or be like a jelly fish- layered top and long flowy skirt, yes? It's not something to wear when dipping in the water but such a fasyon outfit when just frolicking on the shore.

 Boho style is very trendy and perfect this summer but making it glam is easy with the power of accessories. Coral stones match the vibe without going over the top while the gold chains gives vintage feeling to the look.

 I'm sticking with my polarized sunnies when I know I'd be strolling under the intense heat; at least I never got boring with its colorful shades.

 DIY-like bracelets looks effortless yet so cute to pile on every OOTD that is beach-worthy.

Whether it's huge rocks, vibrant greeneries, or the striking ocean, this outfit looks more special because of it. How I wish I could take this scenery back home so my outfit shots would never be boring and plain.