Thursday, May 5, 2016


The daybreak approached and the sun rises to acknowledge the new day. I welcomed it walking in the white sandy shore of Puerto Galera clad in black and white ensemble.

It was beach perfect because of the one piece and lacy shorts but the added details like the chic cover up and turban was inspired by the Desert scene in Sex and City 3 Movie I watched. I was amazed on how Carrie and her squad rocked their complicated outfit in style even in the middle of the desert. I mean they don’t need to since simpler clothes are more practical to wear there but being who they are they still made it their runway.

But unlike them, I don’t need any elaborate pieces to compete with my beautiful nature background as it just enhances the neutral color of my outfit. Then some metallic tattoos to add sparkle to compensate for the accessories you can choose to avoid when water is just around the corner, you know what I mean, right?

I like how I looked classy and sexy in my own way without having to stick myself to wear the usual slinky two piece swimsuits when you are in the beach. It’s just how you carry yourself and believe that you look gorgeous anyways, darlings! :*


There’s no time in my life (I know you do too.) that I don’t long to spend my day just lounging or doing something extraordinary somewhere faraway. But that’s just not possible, realistic even given the responsibilities we have back at our own homes and works.

Yet whenever there’s the opportunity to travel whether it would be beach or a cold destination, modern or back in time type of tours I would grab it. There’s no way I would pass the chance to relax and enjoy just because…

1. Travelling is good for health, mind you! I believe so, because it lets your body recharge from all the toxics and stress you accumulated. It frees your mind and lets your creative juices flow again. You’ll go back to your routine with a different mindset and more energy that will help improve your work.

       2. As they say, “All Work and No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy.” Going on a trip with people you enjoy the company or choosing to have an escapade alone will do you great. You can bond and rekindle relationships especially with those you haven’t seen for a while. But the best thing is you rediscover yourself and will come out refreshed and bolder.

3.       3. You will be able to overcome your fears as you have to deal with it if you want to experience that scary ride, sports, food, etc. you’ve been dying to try. All that adventures that awaits you in every travel is worth of your feat. The trip becomes more special with the fun and daring remembrance you had. Try new things once in a while because life will never run out of it. That’s for sure.

1.      4  It will make you passionate, smarter, and inspired as you gain experience, learning and appreciation with everything you will see, hear, and feel contrary from your workaday life. Talking to the locals also lets you know the story of the place and the everyday life of its people and somehow makes you feel like you are one of them.

5.   This one in the list is definitely not the last as for sure through my continuous wandering I will have more points to ponder for myself but this one is on my top priority, lol. With the boom of social media sites,Instagram for example as it is my favourite where you have to post your whereabouts and ganapganap (happenings) in life or else it means it did not exist. Taking creative shots of you posing with the landmarks and tourist spots you’ve been to as your background, showing off your hard-earned body, OOTD you planned meticulously, or your food just to make someone drool and hungry, scenic photographs, and other crazy beautiful ideas you have in mind that will make your feed tap-worthy. But more than making others green with envy, it is the memory you take with you that you can go back to anytime even you if you become forgetful on your old age. You can also show it to your grandchildren and you might be their travel-inspo goals too! ;)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Painter's Palette

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram account, @valenciajoyces (if not could you please follow me, will ya?J ) you can say that I’ve changed my feed into washed out compared to my more vibrant feed before.
So how do you find it? Did you like it? But I’m pretty sure it would change again into other theme depending on my mood, haha! I might go back again to being colourful or perhaps black and white, no one can guess it. Before I even knew it I might be uploading pictures non-stop that might surprise me too and just continue it until I formed another rows of harmonious feed.
                But it took me more effort and time actually to edit my pictures since I still want to have vibrant photos in my blog though. Apparently, I still have that rainbow soul that I can’t bring to leave somewhere.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Venice Piazza

Listed in my Bucket List is to travel and explore the world. So while I am still trying to work my ass off to earn and spend big time I would take each opportunity to at least experience even a bit of it less money involved. Can I do that here in the Philippines? Oh, yes! But how is that possible?

     One country that makes it to my top dream destinations is Italy. Without needing a passport, Visa, and a plane ticket I can have a feel of Venice’s famous Garand Canal. Thanks to Mckinley Hill, Taguig’s own version for visitor’s recreation.

                    The place clearly wants to take you to Venice with their almost true to believe architectural and luxurious interior and exterior design. You can even feed birds at the mock plaza while angelic voices serenades you with Italian opera songs. The music they bring fills the whole place and might even give you goose bumps. While the colorful palette painted on the structures are really pleasing to the eyes.

                 Venice would not be Venice if not for its historical Grand Canal so the duplication of it is the highlight of the Mall.

People flock there not just to enjoy the food offered by some restaurants (others are Italian-themed also with their own impressive adornments.) there but of course to take a glimpse of the impressive imitation and take a picture with it as a background. Others even fool others that they have really gone to Venice, haha!

                The only thing that makes the spot incomplete is the Gondola ride which they already have but will be operational not until December. If not for the lack of it then it will be close to perfect as if you really made a touchdown to Italy. The mall is still new but a lot are already planned to further improve it for it so we better watch out! Shopaholics will love it also as many stores are lined up to open there.

                  As for my outfit, well I just want to somehow pattern it to the royal clothes worn then.  With my see-through sleeves with gold intricate embroidery top and lacy shorts I could blend well with the view. My peg was the men’s ensembles sans the tights and puffs. Karir, no? Haha!
                Hope you enjoy my adventure, ciao!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

How To Beat the Heat!

Oh Summer, there are lots of reasons why I love you and anticipate for your arrival all year round. But you know what, I hate you for making me sweat buckets.
So what is my way of coping up with this lakas-maka haggard situation? I refresh myself by eating some ice cold dessert instead since I cannot bathe with ice anyways, no matter how I am tempted to haha!
We, Filipinos have our very own sweet thirst-quencher called Halo-Halo. It’s made up of layers of crushed ice and special ingredients like sweetened banana slices, red and yellow beans, nata de coco (my favourite by the way), and jellies. Then topped with these delightful stuffs like ube jam, leche flan, and sweetened langka and poured with creamy milk to complete the heavenly concoction. The dessert is brimming with ingredients because the more, the merrier. It also got its name because of how it is presented, Halo-Halo means mixed in English.
          Many sells the said dessert especially during this hot season. They just pop out anywhere, thank goodness! But if you want not just an ordinary one, in my own opinion you should search for the following. First is with the ice, you would want the finest of them all of course. Fine ice makes your eating experience more enjoyable since you won’t need to bite the chunks of ice anymore. Next is the ingredients, some offers a lessened number of ingredients but boasts of its flavour. So whatever floats your boat with this one. Lastly is the milk used, the creamier and sweeter the better.
I find myself being lured to this little café in Congessional Avenue, Dasmarinas, Cavite. They offer Halo-Halo and other food as well. Ben’s Halo-Halo’s interior is so kawaii! I can’t help but feel like I am in a doll house with its pastel colors and wooden themed place adorned with chic and cute thingamajigs. It looks very clean, relaxing, and homey.

The staffs are accommodating and friendly too. Though the only downside for me is that they don’t have a WiFi service when actually they are near a university. Plus brownie points from students if they have one since most of their customers are them.
As for the menu, they serve sandwiches and rice meals. I find their Burghetti (Spaghetti presented like Burger) interesting too but I just took my lunch so a dessert is more welcomed then.
Their Ben’s Special Halo-Halo is the one I tried though they have an exotic option of Winter Halo-Halo which has a kick of spice from the red chilis. Weird, eh? Well not for the adventurous foodies out there. Some said it is still yummy and it is perfect for cold rainy days to warm you up when you are craving for some Halo-Halo.  I’m not the brave one when it comes to spicy food so I’ll have my original sweet one, please.

The price of the halo-Halo is 70 pesos, quite pricey if you would ask me. If their target consumers are students then they should have a more affordable price. As for the taste, nothing special as it lacks sweetness for me but sugar is available anyways. What got me is its fine ice but aside from that, there is no impressive from it considering it is the star of their shop. I would even suggest they add a scoop of ice cream or some more toppings to make it more special and to give justice to its price.

But then, I will forgive them for their IG-worthy café.  I would like to go back too to try their other offerings and maybe, just maybe the spicy Halo-Halo also. Oh let’s not forget the Burghetti!