Saturday, April 19, 2014


This top and skirt combo almost looked like an ombre dress mimicking the exquisite sunset which I very much appreciated and find time to look again only that time of my short but sweet vacation.

This peach skater skirt actually has a suspender which I managed to hide. It matches my skintone that time and this light cover-up top created a gradient illusion.
Flower tops are kind of abused again by me especially that this whole trip is dedicated for the beach and this headpiece is the cutest topper for everything summer-ideal outfits.

Imagine having your own filter like sepia through your eyes when you are wearing sunnies like this one.

Having this magnificent place is not an everyday experience and so using the nature as my backdrop will always be special and I guess anything looks extraordinary because of the location.


 My pale white skin finally got the chance to be baked to sun-kissed or so I thought but really, summer always makes everyone want that morena glow. But until I haven't reacg that goal i'd be wearing colors that would look decent on my ghostly-white like pink.
 This skirt looks so girly so I to add edginess to it a piece of tribal print bandeau makes the trick.

Again polarized sunnies in magenta looks stunning and saves my undone peepers under these cute lenses.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Just looking at the this impressive island inspires me a lot starting fro m this outfit. The ocean has a gradient color from blue to green and so is my ombre shorts while the top serves as the powdery white sand. The scarf? it's the trees, flowers and any other natural things that brings more color and life to the my so-called paradise.
Oh summer you make everything 10 times beautiful and perfect. Seeing this wonders reminds me how lovely my life is. Spending even just days on this kind of experience is something you deserve and would remember all your life, that sometime along in your journey you witnessed something as magnificent as this.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


 Every girls dreamt of being a mermaid once in their life but we all know that it 's quite impossible unless you have access to the high-technology to transform you into one or you could head to a trusted costume shop to get a nearly realistic tails. But if you are having a vacation to an island for just few days then don't fuss yourself too much and why not try imitating other sea creatures! If you're thinking a full animal costume then that's something to laugh about what I'm saying is try being one with the ocean or be like a jelly fish- layered top and long flowy skirt, yes? It's not something to wear when dipping in the water but such a fasyon outfit when just frolicking on the shore.

 Boho style is very trendy and perfect this summer but making it glam is easy with the power of accessories. Coral stones match the vibe without going over the top while the gold chains gives vintage feeling to the look.

 I'm sticking with my polarized sunnies when I know I'd be strolling under the intense heat; at least I never got boring with its colorful shades.

 DIY-like bracelets looks effortless yet so cute to pile on every OOTD that is beach-worthy.

Whether it's huge rocks, greeneries, or the striking ocean, this outfit looks more special because of it. How i wish i could take this scenery back home so my outfit shots would never be boring and plain.


I'm the girl who would actually see the nature rather than hit the parties and drown in booze. I guess I've always been the -nerdy/nature lover one but hey, who could resist the beauty of the clear blue sea, crashing waves on the  rocks, white powdery sand, and if I continue complimenting what I saw it would take at least two hours to finish this post and no words could actually give justice to what I see, and experience but i would like to show you the fun and discoveries I had from my mini vacay so here are some I was able to capture with my camera and stored in my memory and heart.

I know that I cannot and should never pass the opportunity to go to a trip especially when one of its itinerary is Caramoan. I've known this place a lot from blogs and some magazine shows and has become popular ever since because of its beauty that is not yet fully dominated by tourists.

 I love how raw and virgin it is from the highly-developed resorts, bars, and others unlike Boracay. So while it's free from commercialization, I'm one of the lucky tourists who got to experience its natural and original beauty. there's no such thing as water sports activities but being able to dip your skin in the clear azure is more than enough happiness you could bring home.

The trip from the city is quite tiring and inconvenient because there has no other mode of transportation other than by land and it will take up to 8-10 hours to arrive at the Bicol borderline.
 But before stepping my feet on the islands of Caramoan we have to ride on the barge or a medium-sized boat at dawn. But here's the thing, because of lack of proper transfer equipments from the shore to the boat we actually have to pass through the "buwis-buhay" or risk-taking bridge which is only two seperate man-made floating wooden planks being carried by many men. I mean my heart jumped to my throat and because of after-shock effect I was disappointed that I wasn't  able to take a shot of the actual bridge. This shot where the bridege is safer and easier is from Caramoan back to where we first arrived.

I never got bored from our travel time because I was too busy admiring the spectacular view.

On the island itself I got to witness the magic of sunset and sunrise again which I realized I've been taking for granted everyday or have been ignoring because of the hustle and bustle in the city. But believe such a majestic sight would really give your heart a warm fuzzy feeling.