Thursday, December 4, 2014

Something Candy

Surprise, surprise I'm wearing colors again and it's very sweet indeed. I decided to look young and fresh today so I opted for pastels that never cease to make me giddy whenever I'm clad with a touch of it.
Sky blue and cotton candy pink are two colors that look so good together, I just layered my outfit with another light-colored blazer with floral to complete my transformation, teehee!
Hmmm... I'm thinking of wearing bold colors next so that I would shock myself too. Oh, how fun it is to look different every now and then. Llife will never be boring I guess. :)

Top from Dream Come True, blazer is vintage, necklace from Forever 21, shoes from Heart and Sole

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So three-fourth of my outfit today is very sophisticated and glam- until you look down at my shoes and you'll say, what the heck just came in her mind? 

Why am I sporting brogues when I wear such a feminine outfit? Because it's a dressy brogues! Yup, pun intended. It's just one of my hashtag experimental days you know, where I wear something very unmatched at first glance until you realize that hey, it actually works or you just accept the fact that it's how my creative juices run har har!

But one of the main reason why I luuurve pairing comfy shoes with anything under the sun is because my feet can't tolerate too much pain caused by heels. If I could only wear sneakers or bulky rubber shoes I would but the fear of being caught by our school disciplinarians are not welcome, so thanks but no thanks, boohoo! :( How stylish and korean-esque it would be walking around with that number, sigh...

Anyways, this is a breath of fresh air from my usual monochromatic looks or should I say a come back to the old floral-loving me again? Either ways, love it or lump it I'll be forever unpredictable with my style choices so you will have something to look forward to, wink!

top by The Show Room, skirt by Zara, shoes by Heart and Sole

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sleek Minimalist

It was just like the ordinary, sunny day when my classmates decided to shoot me for my blog... just kidding! Actually this semester, we actually have Advertising Photography class so a lot of my classmates bring their cameras. That is why when I asked my dear friend, Claudine to take my blog pictures, I was just shocked when slowly not only one lens are pointed at me but five haha! I was feeling a pro model then or more like a frog specimen under a microscope, LOL! So if you are a keen observer and a photo enthusiast then you may notice that the pictures here came from different sources.

After blabbering my little story with you ( I hope you didn't roll your eyes for wasting your time reading what's above.) I will now tell you what inspired me for my outfit in this post.

Remember when I told you that I got addicted to this Kdrama called Master's Sun? Well I'm still into it up to now especially with the male lead which is Joo Joong Won played by the hot So Ji Sub (...and this is my korean- fancy schmancy side ;) ) Anyways, I kind of cop the look of Tae Yang- the protagonist in the story, at one episode. But of course since I am not in Korea with their adventurous street style, I kind of toned down the look by forgetting the knee-length socks and tucking my blouse in. Hence, a more formal approach of the outfit.

I always see this lovely floral-cut pattern on clothes online and I'm quite happy that I get to have something with this interesting design. Look at how it made my plain white top extraordinary just because of its intricacy.

  To rest my consistent black and white fondness, I opt for this plaid moss green skirt to avoid being boring.

  I like the way I dress now when it comes to business attires but to play it a little I wore these cute barbie-esque shoes that broke the seriousness of my outfit.

To add some glam to my ensemble, I wore  this gold lion that is such an attention-catcher when everyone took a look at it.

Top from Fifth Avenue, skirt from Stylenanda, shoes from Donaire, Necklace from Wilson

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jungle Red

 And this blog had been revived from its coma... I've been very committed on hiding inside my slumber rock this past sem break that I haven't been able to update my blog. But to make it up to you guys, I'm giving you one fiery blogpost, chos!
 This girl is on fire, you know! Kidding aside and on to a more serious "Joyce Mode" (I'm telling you it's hard to keep it that way, lol!) I think my style is now starting to evolve into a more mature-ish manner, unlike before when I would pile and pile on the colors just to appease my fashion crave.

  I'm now sticking onto monochromatic looks or the basic colors that I think has more taste than my previous rainbow-vomit outfits. But if you love me more in those kind of fashion, then you should not fret because every now and then I would still be donning those looks. I just can't help but feel cutie-patootie at times, not to mention my slowly unleashing fancy on K-Pop fashion.

 So to speak about my outfit for this post, this has actually a cute story as what I feel it is. My besties and I had a out of the blue photoshoot and we didn't expect that we would wear something with a touch of red- okay mine is all bloody red! Just goes to show that great minds think alike haha! I was even luckier that the location fit my look because I didn't know that we would shoot at a abandoned cargo box.

 I'm thinking of collecting blazers and shorts in all colors now, i'm in love with this kind of look! Add a little details of accessories and voila you look instantly chic.

So that's it for now, i'm leaving you with wonder with my next post, is it gonna be color-me-pretty look or the classic version of me? Ciao bellas!

Photo Credit to Kaye and Theo

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

Today's color is pink! Remember my last post about monochromatic look? Well, oops! I did it it again but in the name of pink.
This color is mostly associated with barbie hence, the girly appeal. But what I did with this outfit is make it more sporty slash hipster slash, okay back to square one, girly! I think pink just can't help but to look cute and very feminine no matter how the wearer resist haha!
Anyhoo, I can now say what my shirt shouts out because finally, I can totally say that my sembreak begins! Now I'm planning what I'm gonna do with the days before second sem. But I know it's gonna revolve around two things, sleep and eat, LOL!
shirt from New York Story, skirt from John Brianne, shoes from Converse