Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

Today's color is pink! Remember my last post about monochromatic look? Well, oops! I did it it again but in the name of pink.
This color is mostly associated with barbie hence, the girly appeal. But what I did with this outfit is make it more sporty slash hipster slash, okay back to square one, girly! I think pink just can't help but to look cute and very feminine no matter how the wearer resist haha!
Anyhoo, I can now say what my shirt shouts out because finally, I can totally say that my sembreak begins! Now I'm planning what I'm gonna do with the days before second sem. But I know it's gonna revolve around two things, sleep and eat, LOL!
shirt from New York Story, skirt from John Brianne, shoes from Converse

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Whenever I'm in a rush to get dressed, usually it's between black or white that I would choose to wear. Mainly because it's easy to style and of course it's the basics. But the best part of these colors is that it never fail to look classy.
What I like to do when creating a look that involves these colors is to stick with a monochromatic look like what I did here. So now I had an all-white outfit, the only colored pieces I put into it are these cool polarized sunnies and of course the top that made the look less boring. It does not need any more accessorizing because my mantra with this ensemble is less is more.
Donning outfits in same color are my thing right now, I wonder what hue I'd be experimenting with next. Mind if you suggest? :)

pants from Freeway, shoes from Heart and Sole

Friday, October 17, 2014


  No matter how many styles I cop or try, I always go back to my real personality. I really like feminine and fresh looks that is mostly associated with pastels, florals, and pearls. Like my outfit today which made me look four years behind my true age which is 20 (bohoo, goodbye teeny bopper years! lol).
But I made my OOTD more me by of course adding some shine into it, I'm really finding ways to make a statement by wearing eye-catching bling blings you know!
How about you? What is your style and how do you create your own signature? I'd like to know your thoughts! :)
top from Bear Taro, skirt from Clef De Sol, shoes from *meg

Thursday, October 16, 2014


At this time, I'm slowly recovering from my zombie syndrome, at least 30% of my being human. With all the stress from school-related things, urgh I'm pretty burnt out, really. 

  I just finished my last defense. Almost done, one way to go before I could totally hibernate on our sembreak .
 Anyhoo,we are only scheduled for twenty minutes to present and this week all the students are relaxed about the school policies so I wore a more relaxed business attire.
 The blouse underneath the black on black vest and pants brought some character to my outfit because of its interesting detail on the sleeves. Many noticed and even complimented it, not to mention made a joke about it looking like a cage, which I don't mind since I find it cool actually.
I love how vests are such perfect alternative to blazers- which won't let me withstand the heat in the Philippines, yet very chic and still professional to look at.

Seeing the pictures, I wish I woe maroon heels but because I thought of practicality first and opted from flats to survive the day of pure walking around the campus, I think, I just made the right choice, haha!
blouse from Bayo, pants from Golden Apple, vest from Chocoholics

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Take It Slow

Life becomes so easy when you don't have to think of a title for you blog post anymore haha! Since my top says it all, I used it to my advantage.

Anyhoo, it's time for #ohjoyceexperiments again because unlike my subdued style I wore something edgy and fun today.
One of my mantra is the saying, anything but boring. But to not look tacky I wore a white shirt with just some touch of colors.

Usually I'll match this midi denim skirt with something more formal for a classy look but more "korean-ish" won't hurt.

The real culprit behind this outfit are these shoes, I just want to wear it so I created an ensemble that would look good with it. I wore these shoes too many times but these laces gave it a new twist.I'm now planning to collect more in different color, nice technique haha!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Black Out

Finally, I've updated this blog again. I've been so busy these past few days with all the school works. But good thing it's Students' Week in DLSUD so I can relax a bit and take some outfit shots. Though it's only for one post since classes are always suspended in Cavite due to heavy rain. 

Because of the gloomy weather (I don't like rains actually- it sucks the energy out of me.) I decided to wear an all black outfit with an interesting print and design since I really want some action in my clothes.

To shock a little bit, I opted to matcch my ensemble with these turquoise brogues. At least there's something jovial in my monochromatic look.
Thanks for reading!
Top from Clef De Sol; Skirt from Chocolates; shoes from Heart and Sole