Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Breakthrough

This is my first entry in my personal space and honestly I am so excited and at the same time proud of myself for finally leaving all my insecurities behind ang making this blog. Anyways, so much for my blabberness I'm here to tell you about the star of my summer escapade this 2012. We arrived at the Sweet Silay airport and we were greeted by their famous masskara- it's so pretty I want to take them home!haha.. Actually it's the fourth time I visit Negros Occidental so it is not new to me but still excitement does not leave me as I am thinking all the fun activities I am gonna do with my less than two weeks vacation here! Magbabakasyon grande talaga ako! haha.. Now it is time to share with you my outfit..

I wore this maroon wide legged pants so I can move around freely during the whole flight up to our destination, i really want to enjoy our tour so comfort is really a must! Now if you think I am weird for wearing cover up at the peak of summer heat, well don't worry 'cause sheer is so light and it's floral print makes my plain outfit fun and a cover up is always a must especially it can get a little cold at the airport, flexibility of clothes is really important. I also wore a belt to break my top and pants and to add more colors to my outfit. As for accessories I only wore necklace and ring to not complicate everything and because each pieces in my outfit stand out for themselves already.
                                          Robinsons department store
                                           I love this peacock ring from  Szakiyah so interesting and a good investment if you want an accent in your outfit. 

That's all for now. I am hoping that this post will encourage you enough to support my blog, haha... As for me, I will try my best to have an interesting posts about my randomness and travels!

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