Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rosy Roar in the Wild

This is what I wore when we met my cousin at the airport and I chose this ensemble because my peg today is korean effect lang slash too lazy to dress up but still have to be presentable.. I named my post this because I really like the effect of me in my cute cotton candy pink top with a rose in my head while behind me is some kind of a miniature forest, it is actually at the backyard of my lola's house where we are staying.
To hassled to curl my hair so I just got it into a messy bun- the perfect excuse for laziness but still pretty to look at, thanks for this emergency hairdo;) I actually forgot where I bought this but for sure you will find something like this anywhere. you could also experiment with bows as it just gives the same cuteness effect.
                                      Animal print on animal print. Let's now give it all out!
                                          Genevieve Gozum
  I bought this rings to Szakiyah- one of the  bazaares I love that visits our school every time there are bazaare days held, the time of the year where I have my shopping addiction going all crazy. This cat and love ring is perfect for my outfit as it screams meow while it still complements my sweetness. So am I wild or romantic?

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