Friday, May 4, 2012

Give me Sunshine

The sun is bright, the weather is so hot... the best remedy..tsantsananan....

Halo-halo! We really did intentionally walk the street just for this mouthwatering delicacy in Cambarus- a town in our place which is just blocks away. The ingredients of this is just simple which is the crushed ice, ube, and banana. But the difference of this ffrom the others is that it has avocado and gulaman, weird at first but very delicious indeed. Great thirst quenchers for a hot summer like this! The bowls are also very colorful and even matched my outfit!
               Bonded with my cousins at the playground..sigh, I want my childhood back!haha..

Talking about my outfit, I really blended well with the surroundings because even the flowers agreed that orange is the color of the summer.teehee!
I have this Levis shorts which I got tired of wearing because of its plainness, that is why I got it DIY-ed and made it more playful so even I wore just this simple top, I still stand out and  look young.

                  Sequined cellphone pouch for added omph! Shades from Eye Channel is the perfect  armor for the harmful UV rays of the sun and watch to know the time.
                                 Flats are very suitable for trips like this, simple and comfy.

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