Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let's Go La Carlota!

                                           The municipal city of La Carlota.
                                            This is what will greet you in your tour. This train is said to be really used a long time ago and now used as a tourist attraction. It has the number sign for the landmarks in La Carlota.

                               A statue which has the story of the cultue of the Negros Occidental. Sugarcanes- they are the sugar capital of the Philippines, carabaos, and many more.

                                         The Nuestra Senora De La Paz Parish church

       We were all disappointed that this museum is not preserved very well, it has a large potential to be a tourist attraction. Other memorabillias here are moved to other museum. A bird's view of the stairs we have to climb to see the attic, it is very challenging because it is to steep and rusty.

      The overlook of the city. Our efforts paid off because we were greeted by cold air there.

        I can't remember the date inscripted in these bells but it is sure so antique, Spanish Occupation years I guess.

                 Look how large their radio is that time. Good thing we have portables now, haha..
   Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside for privacy purposes of this sugar mill factory which is already closed down. But still our effort did not go to waste because of its scenic view.

          La Carlota market. Lots and lots of purchase and stores where you could eat. We actually hoarde native sugar and coffee here.

 Would you belive that your peso can really go a long way. This water supply is scattered in towns of Negros  wherein  it quenches your thirst with just one peso and it will give you a generous cup of water! I tried it together with my uncle and cousin.
  A jumpsuit is my savior when I am too lazy to wear for a day so to make this outfit more like "pinaghandaan" I wore a denim vest over it and voila! Looks like I took time and effort to prepare this outfit. A belt won't hurt too if you want to break the monotony of a onesie. I also really love this scarf headband which is by the way a very great creation for those like me who are having a hard time using original ones, it also made my plain ponytail come alive!

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