Friday, May 4, 2012

Preparation Day

One of our plans for this vacation is to attend the wedding of my cousin but before that day we visited first the preparation in their house just to maybe offer some help. This shot is the people working for the catering tomorrow, this is what they call bayanihan because all of them works for free because they are the family's neighbors and relatives willing to help. How nice right? We also took a look at the reception of the wedding after and flowers and colors are bound everywhere I could totally see that tomorrow will be really a day of fun and merry making.
Picture-picture! there is an ihaw-ihaw outside the house so we tried it out and chose this new to me but looks interesting food which is called lampirong- a kind of seashell that its meat is piled generously on a stick and is sold for only 10 pesos! would you imagine as huge as this is just so cheap! And we do not have this in Cavite or Manila so we ought to try it out and it turns to be so yummy. Oh I'm craving, haha..

A simple braid like this could be more interesting by putting colrful ribbons of your choice and twisting it with you hair..So cute right/

American polo I bought from Bazaare again which I already forgot the name. This is kind of overused already but I love it because it makes any plain outfit alive by its american flag print.


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