Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Lamour

What's the essence of a summer vacation if there is no beach to go. But the highlight of it is the bond you made with the people you love especially if you have not seen them in years. We went boating and tour the islands, it is so breathtaking, the fresh air touching your skin, oh I love it! We also went to a spot where a colony of jellyfish swarms around us, scary but fun.

        A beach experience would not be complete without the barbecue and grilled seafood. Oysters and fishes are so fresh here.
        Sorry for the awkward post, too excited to jump in the water I forgot I need to take an outfit shot first! I love the back detail of this Mossimo jumpsuit. Sexy yet very fresh and young, so beach-ready!

              Bikini from Honey, Eye Channel sunnies,  and scaly shorts from 168.

        The bright orange scarf makes my outfit screams summer!

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