Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a Feast!

There is a carnaval in Marayo that starts every night, lots of bazaares that sells the town's delicacies and thrift stores are paraded in the streets for the two weeks celebration of the town. We got to take home many purchase as we were overwhelmed by the price of the thrift stores they call here relief, it only ranges from 10 to 150 pesos, would you imagine a shoe for that price, A keen eye for good quality is all you got to have and a treasure is just underneath those piles of clothes. Sadly we did not see the opening show because we got here in Negros days late and we also did not got to see the closing celebration for some reasons, Those two are the highlight of the festival but it's okay atleast we have something to get excited to wait in our next visit here in Negros.

My cousin got tired of walking.
 I borrowed this balloons to the vendor who is kind enough to understand my weirdness, haha..

  I wore a clolorful top to match the festivity aura in everyone! A bandanna serves two purpose since it become as an accent and a protection from the sun also. Shorts and flats are my best friends when it comes to enjoying tours and events like fiestas!

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