Friday, June 29, 2012


I attended a seminar that day for Marketing and Advertising students sponsored by MarkProf Inc. The sponsors were all great and very inspiring.


Well on to my look before I could tell you almost everything about the seminar:)  The dress code is smart casual so polo is the first thing that popped out of my mind but to make it less serioius I opt for a denim pants and the fun part is you could inject fun by being able to wear animal print since it is just a casual dress code. This red polo is a sure attention-grabbing piece in the room because of its lively color but still not contented I wore a comet necklace to give more details on my outfit. To stay seminar-worthy I opt to use a simple white bag that could have a space for all my necessities for that day. So the next time you are obliged to wear a semi-formal attire, don't fret yet cause you could still have fun with it by playing with colors, and acessories.

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