Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stripes in me

Top I bought from Berma, the counterpart of 168 in Baclaran. it serves the same level of goodness in their products, both cheap yet prettiness all over.

Except  for it's violet color which is my fave,the lacy detail of this shoe attracted me the first time I saw it  because it is very flexible from casual to more classy outfits. I bought this one from thrift store. Only have a keen eye for purchases that are still in good condition and voila you could find pieces  that are worth having in your closet. But be sure to clean it always before using other than that you can now walk outside in fasyon.
all of these I bought in 168, there you will feel dizzy as many options await you from every peg you want to achieve they have all the pieces you can choose from that are very pocket-friendly yet makes you look and feel like a million bucks. Oh can I say I love stores like this!

This kind of outfit is what I wore when I just go malling, shorts and top will do but to make it more fun and less boring, I injected fun by donning chunky rings that spells cute and girly.

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