Saturday, June 23, 2012

Twice the Denim

This is what I wore in our school last Wednesday-late upload!. Yeah, I know, I know it's too hot that day but I just couldn't wearing a longsleeves under a denim vest, it's so cool right? Wearing two different hue of denims needs a courage to do but all of it is worth it after seeing the result. My color only revolves around mainly two colors, denim and black so I added a splash of some bright print in my tee inside my vest but still hiding for a mysterious effect,haha...
Oh I've been looking all my life for brogues and now that I have it in my very own hands or feet rather I have to wear it right away! Would you believe that I found this in a thrift store only and it is still in a very good condition, you could even mistook it as a brand new one! Oh the heavenly treasures I can find in this kind of places, they are miracles!

This is my father's wristwatch that I secretly stole from him after he bought a new one. I just really love the androgynous vibe it gives to an outfit. This bird ring is from SM dept. store I bought a year ago. Isn't it reminds you of pheonix cause that's what I felt the first time I saw it and I fell in love with its charm that easily.

You could see many people sporting big, round sunnies nowadays and it's so frustrating for me not to own one so when I saw this glasses on my cousin's house I'm glad he let me borrow it, thanks Cuz!
It's not the exact ones you see but I guess I just want to give it a try and yes, I'm happy pairing it with my outfit that day.;)

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