Thursday, August 30, 2012

Give it a Pop!

It is exam week but I made sure to take some photos of my outfit that I wore last Tuesday wherein our department requires us to wear business attire to practice us for the real corporate world.
Anyways here is what I wore.
I didn’t feel wearing a skirt that day since I only had a one subject that day and to able me to move comfortably since I am cramming up for some school tasks.
So to make a complete shift from womanly outfits I diverted into androgynous side of me. I wanted to steer away from classic slacks so I chose carrot pants for my bottom which is my first time to do so and I am glad I did! As for my top I wanted to put a vibrant color to make my outfit stand out and what’s perfect for navy is pink but because I want to go all the  way with androgynous theme I opt to wear a color-popping lime which is not too girly but still not masculine, just the right balance in between. And to make it appropriate for business I wore striped blazer over it.

 I want to stick with my theme but my feminine side keeps on showing as I added Victorian bracelet and ankle boots instead of wearing some brogues or loafers .

I know I still have to keep trying on wearing this kind of outfit but I just can’t help myself on wondering if I pass in my attempt to wear an androgynous-inspired outfit or not? Tell me what I should improve more; I want to know your thoughts! :)

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