Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Good or Bad

The title of my entry is some kind of really sentimental. My friends have not yet pass through a very difficult time but our experiences together through thick or thin has already proven our worth and friendship
          Okay enough of the drama and let me talk about my look now.
          My inspiration for this is more of one of my favourite era, the 80’s where in denim high- waist shorts are very popular paired with hanging top or tucked in shirts like what I did with my outfit. But the difference is that I used this black lacy dress as a top, another good alternative and make-over for a classy dress. 

 To give some oomph to my look I wore a funky multi-colored choker ala fiesta lang ang peg!
  For my footwear I opt brogues to be comfortable and to complete my 80’ look.

Now would you dare to try wearing an outfit based on some era? Because as for me I enjoyed it.?

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