Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Am Proud!

 It was a very exhausting day for me, why? It’s because I just registered to be a voter in our city and I must tell you that it really needs a lot of patience and perseverance. Imagine the long queues I have to fall in line under the sun! And four steps I have to follow from getting the fill-up form to thumb printing then getting a stub and lastly going to the office of the city hall and taking a picture- while being haggard and all.
Oh the perils of being 18, haha! But I know after two years before I finally get my voter’s ID all my hardships would be worth it because it is really necessary to have one especially when I get a job and of course to join the nation in choosing  the right people to govern the country. But man! Do you know the feeling when you are woken up by your mom at 7 p.m. telling you that your cousin is going to register and asking you if you want to come? Since my sleep is already disturbed and I have nothing to do today I just decided to come and to my surprise upon reaching the city hall, there is already a very long line and I just knew that today is the second to last day to register so people are really trying to catch the registration. I even heard the others were already there at 4 p.m.!
I even thought of having a person to do the process for me and just show up when I am needed but of course I did not do that thinking that I have to experience everything personally to be fair because that is what the country needed, a just and fair system and where else would it start but from the smallest unit of the society- US! Lakas maka-masa,haha! But seriously that is what right to do just think the bragging rights you can get when you tell others that you registered yourself, you can say it with whole pride.
Fine! I have written so much so I’ll start now with my look for this rare occasion. I just took my pictures at home since I do not have the guts to do it right there and then and I just really wanna go home immediately. With this, I am not proud to say that I made a fashion error! It is not that much but I think I have over-dressed a bit since almost everyone there is just wearing a shirt and eto ka pants! But at least I were comfortable with shorts and one thing again is that when I was just aware that I would be all sweaty I did not wear a denim as it tends to look wet obviously. Luckily I did the wisest thing to do, wear flats! Oh my I just can’t imagine the pain I would have to bare if I wear heels. For my accessories I wore a very bright and happy choker to give me a good vibesJ and watch to keep of the time.

 I just thought of this now. If I had just wore a yellow flats I would be a so proud Pinoy for the colors of the flag; red and blue. J At least my choker has a dash of yellow, haha!

Well that’s it! If ever you get your own voter’s ID don’t think twice to tell it to me, I want to hear your good experience, X.O.X.O, muwah!

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