Thursday, November 8, 2012


Aren’t I too sweet? And romantic? Well that’s what you get when you wear floral on floral in pastel colors like what I wore when I went yesterday to my mom’s school  where she teaches to watch an event which is the United nations 2012. Overall the event is a success and is fun, Oh how it made me miss my good old days in high school... 

                  Pearls, and flowers; brings nothing but sweetness.

Since I would be going to a school I decided to have a schoolgirl as my peg. Cute Muradito doll dress layered with blazer is always a schoolgirl effect even more when paired with brogues and this brown satchel. 

I have been donning floral for many times already and you cannot blame me for doing so because as you can see it really lightens up your mood and can brighten up a day so whenever you want to be all girly, sweet, or just have a good time/vibes all day long  just put on any floral on your outfit and you can never go wrong! :)  

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