Friday, December 21, 2012


Certainly going to Christmas parties should be expected this season and I have another one which is actually in my mother’s working place, I was her plus one!
                So what did I wear? I want to be dressed up yet still casual and effortless looking and the best piece that describes my wants is the shorts! These customized shorts would look plain and boring if not to the pearls which added to my girly outfit that consist of this mint green blazer and pink top; pastels! Anyways this tank top is not to be ignored because it has its little secret- peek-a-boo! With pearls again, I couldn't ask for more. Yet it could not be considered too girly amidst of the colors I used and some of its details because there is still the edgy feel in it that is caused by the feathered necklace, neon arm candies, and neon bag.
                What is Christmas without a little shine and these gold sequined shoes with some spike at the back is the perfect thing to describe it.
                So am I Christmas ready?

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