Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All Out Details

My title for this entry is such because as you can see my outfit from head to toe is detailed like in my top which is actually a cardigan, its muted paisley print is not clashing with the other prints but still it gives an interesting touch to the whole look. If my top is subtle then my skirt likes to be the star because of its vivid colors with anchors design which I really love, its being not fitted also gave the look a flirty vibe.

Many of my classmates got amused and surprised upon knowing that my collar is detachable, you see even the most little details like accessory can give your look a kick so never ever underestimate the power of accessorizing even I know sometimes it is a pain to find matching ones to your outfit.
Another good thing about accessories is that it can highlight your piece of clothing like in my case, the belt. Imagine if without this the skirt would lack of some oomph. You do not have to over accessorize the key is to find ones that would make your outfit extra special and stand out.

 The bag made the look in between corporate and schoolgirl. It perfectly matches my peg.
 As for my shoes I could choose darker color like black but I opt this one because it is more girly and sweet which what I want my outfit to come up with.

P.S. This is another Business Attire which I made playful again because I really do not want to be too formal and stick to basic colors like black and white and as what our Marketing and Advertising department chairman said we have to be creative not only with our works but also on how we dress up, a very nice advice to ponder.

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