Saturday, January 19, 2013


This is what I wore to my first Tuesday after the holiday break. I feel so regal here considering the dominant color of  my outfit which is gold then nude. I could see myself sporting this professional way of dressing two years from now when I am already working. I have all the essential elements in a corporate outfit starting with a huge bag that would carry all my things which is actual happening in reality right now just thinking of my bulky books makes my face sour:) Then of course a watch to tell me the time, I love its being gold, others shy away from gold saying it is too mature but I say it is how you carry it and how you match it on your clothes hence it makes your look perfectly awesome. Aside from my watch the only accessories I wear is the crystalled necklace which makes my top pop out more, it is never over instead it makes the outfit more  glamorous.

I love the simple yet elegant pattern of this lacy top. Anything lace and white is so crisp, clean, sleek, and dainty.

                       Don't you love my shoes? It is my newest shoe purchase for this year!

P.S. I am now donning the underlined eye look. Does it fit me? What do you think?

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