Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flora and Fauna

This is the business attire that I wore on the second day of my prelims exam which means this is a so late post entry but anyways I posted it. I just want to say thank you to Claudine, my bff who took these pictures at our college building after our exams. I love how the background of old bricked style building with trees at the back matched the color and print of my blazer. The old romantic design of my blazer makes me feel poignant while wearing it and I wanted it to stand out so I did not wear any accessories except for the rings and staple watch which would not grab the attention away from my top anyways. I stick with the neutral colors with my old rose colored pants.
I love the thought that I got to have my pictures taken outside all because I have someone to take my shots, how I wish my friend and I would always have free time and energy to have photo shoots always, sigh...
I am so happy the way my outfit complemented with the back ground, La Salle Dasma has so many photogenic views that I could use, unfortunately I do not have all the time and courage to take my pictures knowing that hundreds of eyes would see me, haha! So let us all wish that this would have a repeat soon :)
                                                                     So do you like my outfit?


Melissa said...

I adore that blazer! So pretty. Great outfit. x

<3 Melissa

Joyce Valencia said...

Thank you:)Hope you would support my blog:) I would visit yurs too.:)