Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All is Fair in Love and War

                  It was Tuesday so you should be expecting me in a business attire, right? So does it mean that I have to be clad in black and white? Hell NO! I always make sure that there is something interesting and different in my outfit especially when you are going to face your day at school for 10 hours meeting a crowd wearing business attires. To lighten up the mood and stay away from the thought that I would be exhausted at the end of the day I splashed colors< not to mention my oh so fave yummy pastels and citrus colors>. Surprisingly they blended very much, it even reminds me of watermelon, teehee!
                  Can't you see, I've worn these pants too many times but everytime I does I make sure I give it a twist or other theme so it won't be too easy to be remember.
                  I've been telling here it in my blog that I love statement pieces and in this case it is the blazer, Why? It is because of the glass beads on the hem that made it extraordinary and took it away from being a doctors' coat haha! Again the spotlight is on them as they got a lot of so good comments again, my heart just melts whenever I remember those.<3>               
   Since my outfit is very cutie patootsie and girly I added a hint of edginess to it by choosing an animal-print shoes.
P.S. I know you hate the fact; yes I do too, that I am wearing my I.D. I just knew it after I shoot with Claudine! Oh next time I'm gonna make sure I take it off, I swear!
P.S. again! I love the bright, sunny background, could you imagine that these pictures are taken at five in the afternoon?! Yes, and I'm so thankful with spots like this in our school.

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