Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Chapter

I can’t understand why the weather that day is so bipolar! It is sunny at morning then it rained hard the next but luckily it ended fast and it gave the temperature a tone down from the past blazing heat we were experiencing every day. Anyways, because it is already raining when I went out to go to the dentist (Flash News! : I am having braces to correct my imperfect teeth which are the reason why I can’t give you full smile all the time, haha!!!! After getting enough courage and explanations that this is for the best and that my small lips would not be deformed, I decided to get one.) (I will now stop typing in parenthesis as this is getting too long and you might be confused about my outfit post.) Okay, as I have said, because of the rain I opted to wear a long sleeved top but the thing that put me into reality that it could get hot after the rain is by wearing shorts so that it would not be too hot.
My mom said that I look like from an English book where people are wearing laces, and pastels like there is no tomorrow like in the Pride and Prejudice era because of my top which has the cutest collar ever! But then I also looked like someone from another genre of book because I’m wearing shorts instead of floor-length skirts! Isn’t it cool that you can play different roles altogether just by the clothes you wear?
Another thing that I like about my look is the hat, without it could have been different like I would be simpler and I would not choose these Aztec-printed shoes either, as it might be better in heels instead. See how accessories can affect your whole look and give it a theme.
                I just want to mention that I love my backdrop, with all the dry leaves scattered around yet at the other side is already a street, cute eh!
So what book or character would you want to play if given a chance?

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