Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sky Fall

This is the night where everyone is clad in their most stunning and glamorous dresses and suits and as for me, I want it sleek and sophisticated and  I achieved it with this strapless dress that is see-through at the bottom for a sexier appeal. The cloth material itself is impeccable and made the whole look standout because of its beads embellishments so even there is no too much drama in the dress itself, I still like it, still red carpet worthy.
I only wear the basic accessories to not overpower the whole look and I am going for the clean, fresh, and simple look. Gold and diamonds are my best friends tonight.
Shine bright like a diamond!
This is my favorite belt as for now. I used it many times and it never fail to give me the look I want for it whether in simple outfit or a more sophisticated like this one. This belt also gave the whole look the playfulness it has because of its color.
More glitz and glamour on my shoes!
                                                                               So what do you think?

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