Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 2: Bagui Windmills Blew Me Away

My most awaited part of my Ilocos adventure is the popular Bangui Wind mill. I am so jealous with my best friend, Claudine who already went to Ilocos. When I saw her pictures at the windmill near the wavy ocean, I was like eager-beaver to go there also and see with my own eyes the magic that the place proudly offers.

The moment I set my foot at the sandy shore of the beach I was immediately magnet by the attractive view, as if it was inviting me to play with the wind. I was captivated with the blue ocean and did not mind if I get wet as the waves chased us. The cool air is the answer to our undeniable problem during the whole trip, feeling sticky and hot from the scorching hot sun but the wind refreshes and relieved our tired bodies as it landed on our skin.

We can’t help but take a lot of pictures, unfortunately the wind is so strong and we can’t get a right timing to capture decent shots but nonetheless the memories we had will stay forever in our minds and hearts which is priceless and is much more important.
As for the windmills, they were really pretty gigantic, well they must be, to be able to support electricity to the whole vicinity. I am really amazed by how its beauty goes oh so well with its functionality.

Lastly my outfit is really inspired by the windmill. Breezy and flowy skirt which I think looks good at pictures as it was blown by the wind. Actually back in Manila I really planned for a bright yellow skirt because its vibrant color is very summer-y but I did not had the time to look for one. Lucky me, my old violet skirt went perfectly well with the setting.
I am actually writing this post midday and feeling the heat so much, it makes me crave for the wind at Bangui! So much for that, ciao!

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