Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 2: Fort Ilocandia

One of our itineraries in Paoay at Ilocos and the last for the second day of our tour is the Fort Ilocandia. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing because of the beauty that the hotel holds. From the intricate designs and the very elegant vibe it exudes, it would really make the guests feel special.

I am posing here beside the imitation of the famous spots here in Paoay which are the Bangui Windmill, Paoay church, and the Lighthouse which we also visited.

Lastly we also striked a pose at the Hammers in the sand dunes located at Fort Ilocandia also. Unfortunately we did not have the time to try it out but I would really love to. For sure it would release a lot of adrenaline rush in me!

That day was really full of fun and excitement. I’ve experienced to be thrilled, amazed, reflect, and many more emotions and feelings rolled into one in just a day with all the places we’ve been through. It was really a pleasant surprise to be able to visit many beautiful spots in one city. It just goes to show how scenic and tour-worthy the place is. No wonder it is praised by many and is sought- after by local and foreign tourist who want to witness the pride of Ilocos specifically Paoay.

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