Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 2: The Pride of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

First of all I pay so much gratitude and appreciation to one of our road trippers; Ate Weng who is a local of Ilocos for organizing this trip because I must say she planned it perfectly, from itineraries to everything. It just fell perfectly well and one of the places she planned for us to see is the Rock formation. I did not know that Ilocos has this pride but upon witnessing its hidden (or maybe not so) beauty I was so thankful we did not passed the opportunity to experience it.

The travel is long and tourists would really need a car to go there, well actually all the spots need one, as the travel time is too long that you also need to go there early to not be caught with the tourist jam who would welcome you everywhere. Another is that commuting would be too much hassle, not that their transportation is bad. Actually it is helpful for those who need vehicle because it is just easy to get one, it just that it would be more convenient to have a personal ride

Now on to the real aim of this post, presenting to you the rock formation! I can’t really find a word to describe the whole place because it’s really different when you are there but amidst the lack of words I would still try to describe it the best I can. I was overwhelmed by the different huge rocks there, may it be the usual greyish color or crystal white. The rocks were in all shapes and sizes and posing on some of them can be challenging. 

Others climb on top of them and my cousin even did it, but because I’m in a skirt (okay I know wrong timing and choice of appropriate clothes again but I did not know the place looks like that until I saw it right then and there. Next time I should Google it! But I still had so much fun!) I did not attempt to do it and just be contented beside it, sigh.

 There is also blue Ocean at the other side of the island (I don’t know how it is called) and some scattered clear water pools on the island / rock formations. There is even a horseback riding while being offered to the tourists by the locals there. Overall it was a perfect paradise.

I wish that these pictures that I took even though it is not professionally done, would encourage you to go there and experience it yourselves, lakas maka- tourism ambassador lang ang peg but of course I am proud to say that being a tourist/ travelling is more fun in the Philippines! Surely you would not regret spending time and money when you discover the precious beauty of the country.

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