Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 3: It's time to say Good Bye! See you soon!

I love the view of the vibrant yellow boat against the blue ocean.
This would now be my last post about my visit to Ilocos but before going back to the hustle bustle of Manila which means going back to reality also, we’ve managed to have a swimming to another beautiful (I’ve been mentioning this word to infinity because that best describes the places we went aside from paradise!) ocean just a few blocks away from where we stayed in.

                                                My sissy and cuz doing a sand castle which was- failed!

Videoke will never be without in any Filipino's outing especially if it's a swimming!

I can’t stop taking pictures of my name engraved in the sand, footsteps on sand, doing hearts with the ocean as backdrop, hearts on sand, and of course my outfit! I brought this dress not knowing when will I use it during the trip but as they say always bring a party dress on your travels in case of emergencies and in my case since it is a summer getaway,

 I say bring a bright/ neon colored dress like this one and I am happy I did because the beach is the perfect place for it to be worn. It matches the blue sky, blue sea, light-brown sand, sun shiny day, and the whole atmosphere. To avoid being dull even though the dress itself is striking enough I still want to add a little more oomph to my outfit so I wore an arm party of rainbow/ neon bracelets. I’m sure Mr. King Sun would be happy to see this girl as bright and playful as ever.

                                 Aztecs and bright colored clothes to make the summer more alive!

What I love about this beach is that it is not as jam-packed with people like those in Pagudpud, wherein everywhere you look you’d see people; here it is only few maybe because it is still early when we went there. But in irony to others who want to go to Boracay, it is not that I don’t like to experience it actually I also wanted too, but I am more of a person who wants a more peaceful and less people when it comes to beaches. But of course Boracay has its own perks like the adventures that people come back for. Well not best of both worlds for me. Maybe that is the reason why I needed to travel more to experience it.

We only had three days in Ilocos. Three days of fun, excitement, discovery, amazement, self-accomplishment, experience, good company, being proud of my own country. I am so happy I went here and made new memories. Asta la vista Ilocos! Hope to see you again soon!

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