Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Kathy!!!

                                          Oliver and Jerome photobombing the new lovebirds!<3>
I just want to welcome my dearest friend Ms. katherine Andaya to the real world since she now enters the legal age of becoming a lady! Now you are more allowed to do more things- as if you don't this past  17 years haha! You might even say that this words came from me does not suit me since I still have my curfews:)
Anyways  she treated the barkada to Yellow cab then some desserts to French baker but that does not end there since we had a surprise visit to her house right after that when she thought that we already gone home. There we had so much fun and kulit moments;)
Again happy birthday sweetie! Me loves you so much! I'm assuming that we'll have 81 more years to make more fun and memorable memories together!

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