Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ilocos Escapade: Day 2

Hello there!!! Now's the time to post what's up with my second day in my Ilocos escapade. That day has more of a fun and adventurous take considering the places we were bound to go. Here is the bucket list: 1. Light house, 2. Rock Formation, 3.Windmill, 4. Pagudpud Beach, and 5. Fort Ilocandia. Isn't that exciting?!?! But during the trip we never missed the chance to take some pictures on their other landmarks and their church.

This was the ceiling in the hut where we ate for lunch in Pagudpud. I just find the design cute, little did I know that it was a sea urchin, the one with spikes!

We did not get to swim for too long because all of the beaches were occupied and the main Pagudpud Beach is full so we went to other beach but they don't have cottages so we have to lay on the sand. Anyways we left after an hour.

 Lastly for my second day outfit I chose to wear a breezy skirt, because I know that we would go that day on the famous wind farm, so I want to take advantage of the air for my pictures. I was expecting too that it would be hot, so clothes that would not cover me much is a must. It was just after I've worn the outfit that I realized I was too blue with the wrap around denim top and the skirt! Good thing it looked nice and cool too. Don't you love my bracelets? Its design is skulls but it did not look like Gothic because of the color and wood material. As for the shoes? I made sure that I'm in comfort all throughout the trip so I opted for a sneakers with aztec print for more summer vibe.

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