Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summer Heat

Summer has officially begun and I so love it! This is the season of having fun by going to different places like beaches or tourist spots (which I am sure you’ll have a lot of options here in the Philippines) whether for a vacation or visiting your ancestors in your provinces; it can also be with your friends but whatever it is be sure to take a lot of nice pictures for everyone to see.
Yes, I also have plans on tour hopping this summer and my first stop is in Ilocos on Holy Week but before I get so excited I would first tell you about my outfit for this post.
it was so hot that day that I need all the cool air I can get by wearing shorts which is in floral print of course so I can feel the summer vibe more. While my top has its own way of making me cool with its arm hole and since the material of this top is eyelet.
At this point I am now preparing the clothes I am gonna pack for my 3- days vacay, that is how excited I am since it would be my first time there and just thinking of how scenic Vigan is makes me really giddy. But one thing is for sure all my outfit would be and should be comfortable enough for me to survive the heat yet stylish enough, teehee!:) Wait for my Vigan posts!

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