Friday, May 31, 2013

Cartoon Block

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since the last time I updated here. One of the reasons are lack of something to post and dealing with a problem about my enrollment; something about doing a mistake in registering my subjects which put me into a worrying that I might lose all my subjects resulting to lack of energy to do anything productive but I’m glad to say that everything is okay and now that I am back, I owe you some news about my life so here it is.
One month had passed so quickly and before I knew it I need to visit my dentist again for my monthly check-up for my braces. My teeth are doing fine according to my dentist and I actually changed my rubbers and guessed what color did I choose? It’s pink, another girly color next to my previous violet ones (as you can see in my instagram). You might say that I’m too childish but simple things like this makes me jolly already, a true foolproof of being a pure-blooded kikay (vain)! 
Anyways I know you are more interested on my outfit than my teeth story so I’ll now discuss it to you.
First I want to tell you a little discovery I had. Don’t you think this tree is pretty? It looks like a cherry blossom in red version- Philippine version. I never really noticed this before when it is only near the clinic I go to until it bloomed this beautifully maybe it’s because it is May, month of flowers. If I only knew that it would be my backdrop prospect for my OOTD I should have worn a dress in pastel color or in floral print just to give justice to the tree’s beauty not unlike my outfit on that day. But nonetheless I chose to take the chance to make it as my backdrop before it loses its flowers on my next month visit to the dentist.
 So on to my outfit for real, LOL! In my previous entry I’m wearing leggings and now I am again in a more fun and playful print. I build a certain fondness to leggings nowadays not only are they comfortable but you could also mix and match it with its many prints available for you to choose from. You could be laidback today and formal the next, sky is the limit! Unfortunately I cannot wear these at school because of the dress code we have. But I’m still planning to collect more prints!

 Anyways these baby monsters in my leggings gave me an idea to match it with anything that is fun like a cartoon or anime print and so is the Mickey Mouse on my shirt but then I still think it lacks oomph so I layered it with a denim ombre vest which I just made myself, DIY ang peg! I already used the same vest here but I want a sleeveless denim polo so I think I won’t use this anymore soon so I gave the vest a new lease in life so it won’t be a waste and experimented my ombre skills which I only learned via web tutorials. The color I used here is red but it turned out like blood turned into violet- perfect!
So that’s it! Forgive me for the long explanations since I really have so much to tell you, hope you enjoy reading this at least or if you are too lazy to do so just enjoy the pictures!:)

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