Monday, May 6, 2013

Glad To Meet You

Familiar with the backdrop? Well it's because last Sunday I, together with my sis and cousins went to MOA to just chill out but my sis and my ultimate goal is to attend the Meet and Greet session with F1 Lotus racer Marlon Stockinger! ( more about that on my next post so stay tuned!)
                Anyways here is what I wore that day. I know, I know it's summer so I should stay away from clothes that are thick or anything that won't let my skin breathe but this one is an exception because as what I've observed Manila has been having a very confused weather. One day it's scorching hot then next it will rain extremely so to be sure since I'm not the type who checks the weather forecast I wore long sleeves top and leggings since I also thought that I would spend my whole day in a huge freezer-like mall so I need extra clothing. Don't you love my leggings? Because I'm so digging it and the first time I saw it my brain says that I buy it while my heart on the other side just melted away. Ir's not the usual galaxy print where it has purple hues this one just focused on the blue and gray hues that I perfectly matched with this simple gray knitted top which is long enough to cover what should be when wearing leggings so girls and even boys make sure you follow this rule except when you can carry it off.

                      Since my top is very plain I added two layers of necklaces to add oomph. The feathered one which is violet compliments my ensemble very well then I top it off with a meteors-like choker, very universe-esque ang peg!
                 Silver elephant ring- It's not with the outfit theme but I think it still adds character. That's it for my accessories no more arm candy since the leggings is the star of the show! :)
                    Another statement piece are these shoes with spikes which I can use to fight against holdappers, etc. LOL! But aren't they lovely?!? It's shocking color added pop to my outfit.

                                          I'm very excited to show you my pictures with M. Stockinger but for now please enjoy my outfit shots first!:)

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