Friday, May 31, 2013

Green with Envy

I hope you did not take the title seriously because I’m meaning it literally because of the color palette of my outfit which is if you don’t notice, green!

Two weeks from now school is yet again to start and also the rainy season but of course I’m still attached to summer so much that I would do everything to feel like it’s just beginning but reality check it is not. So to contradict the depression I would try to incorporate happy summer colors on my outfit like this one, lime green that creates an exuberant feeling.

  I paired the top with another green item, but this shorts are more relaxing to the eyes because of the ombre effect it has which is not too obvious in the pictures because of the light.

Candy treats in my arm party with its neon colored bracelets and charm bracelet which has a cupcake on it.

So what are the things you are doing or planning to do before school starts to kick in? Comment below.

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