Monday, May 6, 2013

In the Jungle or City?

Don't you just love how summer allows you to play with prints and colors even in the most fun and outrageous choices. But since that day was extremely hot I opt to wear light-colored clothes but what made it interesting is my choice of print which I don't know if it's just me but I can see it as a safari print due to its forest colors(blue, yellow, green, brown) and the watercolor color splash. Let's not forget that laid back boho styles seems to be very popular these days also hence my dyed shorts which I paired already on different styles of outfits; print on print outfit again which looked very cohesive and not clashing because of the same color that can be seen on both top and bottom.

 But I just can't get enough of mixing even just a bit of neon in my ensemble so I wore these color popping necklace with its triangle cuts making it jungle-ish also. Another are these yummy candy-colored spike bracelets which I frequently use since it makes simple outfits looks special.
 I could choose neon-colored shoes but what drawn me to these babies was the studs it has on its front, isn't it cute? It made the shoes pop out even in its nude color. As for the bag it matches the green color of my top perfectly

So what do you think about my look? Safari or Urban?

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