Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meet and Greet with Marlon Stockinger

If you know who Marlon Stockinger is then this post should thrill you now! If not then let me introduce him to you. He is a Filipino-Swiss racing driver, currently racing for Status Grand Prix in the 2012 GP3 Series. He is the first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe. This F1 Lotus car racer is what all sports lovers are raving about and also especially the girls who go crazy over him--including me and my sister!!! And he held a road show with meet and greet here in the Philippines and we were so lucky to see him up close. But before that let me tell you what happened that day and some interesting stories too.

We were not able to catch the morning batch of his meet and greet and we were told to go back on the afternoon after his roadshow so my sister and I sadly left but the surprise was that we bumped into him as he was leaving but we were not allowed to take a picture with him but the fact that we saw him face to face got my knees felt so weak, I melted like butter.

Okay so the two disappointed(maybe not so!:)) sisters just took some pictures beside the wax-figure version of Marlon.
Since it's lunchtime already we ate at Holy Cow. Our concentrations are not on food but on Marlon! Too bad I did not enjoy these yummy foods to the fullest.
To kill the time my cousins, sister, and I went to sea side and there I took advantage of it and had my blog shots.

At 4:30 we already fell in line to the meet and greet session as we know that later on the crowd would start to thick soon. Actually we waited long hours but the determination and perseverance is with me and my sister and finally when the crowd started to roar we knew that marlon was already there. He is so humble and kind that he really went to the people in line to shake hands(I'm one of the lucky people!), and personally greet them. He even went to a child and took a picture with him, aww! So cute!:) After that he had a little car racing game match with a fan. Look he is so cute, kilig!

He interviewed the guy after and started the meet and greet finally!
My sister and Marlon and below is the shocking one haha! She pretended to kiss Marlon too sad I don't have that kind of picture.

But oh well seeing him personally is enough :)
Here is the happy sisters on their way home bringing with them the kilig and such sweet encounter with Marlon Stockinger!<3 br="" nbsp="">

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