Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just a Hint

Hey guys! It’s been a while since you last heard from me and now that I am back my post is about well what I wore to school. I don’t have a Wednesday class but have a Saturday one which means I still have a wash day and oh, Tuesday which means Business Attire day which I do not know if I like it or lump it. Anyways it’s been raining just a little here in my place unlike in Manila which was a heavy rain. The temp was just the right take of coolness so it’s time to bring out the jackets and any cover ups that had been stuck for a long time in our closets since summer.
What I love about this blazer is that it gave me warmth when I needed extra heat when I’m inside the air conditioned rooms but when I am outside it does not cause me to sweat at all because it’s just a light weight cloth. Its color is suitable for a serious business effect but the print says “I could be fun!” when matched with more casual pieces and to veer away from being too-office-looking I wore a peach floral top underneath and because I would have to stay to school until night I opted to wear pants to be more comfortable.
Others might think that I should be more formal since it is a Business Attire but that's what makes my course (Advertising and Marketing) agreeable and fun because it wants us to be creative in all aspects including dressing of course in my part!:)

If you make me choose between silver or gold I would choose gold with no apprehensions at all. Some perceptions about it is that gold is only for mommies or adults or sometimes tricky to wear but I say it's not because many outfits would go well with gold. Like this arm party I'm wearing which compliments my outfit in brown hues, would you imagine if i wear a silver accessories with it? It would look inappropriate. Good thing watches like this one are more youth-friendly and fun because of its shape and size.

That is it, I know it’s just a short post but I still want to know what you think. :)

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