Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bloggers Expo

Hello guys! Please forgive me for my social hiatus so to make up for it I'll post two major entry today. Let me show you a late event but trust me you won’t be disappointed with this.
This day is a remarkable one and something that I would not forget ever! Why?! I’ve “just” finally met three of the bloggers who serves as my inspiration when it comes to blogging and of course fashion! Who would have thought that I would come face to face with dazzling Danika Navarro, and the gorgeous sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso! Yup you read it right, it is them and I’m so thankful to COMMSOC (the organization I’m joining at school) for bringing the ladies at the Blog Expo.

Okay whenever I remember this experience I have to remind myself to breathe because until now I’m still on cloud nine and I’m sure you would be too if you love them as much as I do. I really marked this day on my calendar and when it finally arrived I was so overwhelmed! While the speakers have not arrived yet the hosts of the event had an ice breaker where in I giddily participate and even won gift certificates, how lucky I am today!
 First fashion blogger speaker was DLSUD’s very own Justin Borja who really made a sensible talk about how to start a blog and being successful in it. I have learned a lot from him and I’m trying my best to apply the knowledge he had shared to all of us in my blog.

Next in line was Ms. Danikka Navarro; I was really mesmerized with her wit and charm and she is so warm and funny while giving the talk making us all feel at ease. She was so generous that she even gave us stickers of her latest graphic design. I even asked her a question in the Q and A portion, I swear my heart is thumping while asking her all because I am too starstrucked with her.
And the most anticipated duo came and I nearly melted at the sight of them. They look like real life dolls on personal just like in their blogs but seeing them with my own eyes is just super. The sisters were so game in giving their talk and made it very comfortable and interactive. Verniece even gives jokes which Vern said we should just give a fake laugh to not hurt her feelings but nonetheless she is so cute!
They had a trivia/giveaway segment but unfortunately I didn’t get called but hey, seeing them is more than winning the lottery, LOL!
Of course this uber day won’t end without taking pictures with them, yay! Feast your eyes with it and be jealous haha! Don’t worry; you don’t know they might be having talk on your school next.

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