Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Laters, Baby!

I’m sure you want to see what outfit I prepared for the Bloggers Expo. I really separated this post so that you won’t be confused and be bored with reading a too long entry. Anyways if you are expecting for a heart-stopping number because I have to make an impression for the event then well you might be a little disappointed because I wore a more casual outfit since I still have a class to attend to after the Blog Expo. But never belittle casual dressing because you could still punch some impact by wearing some statement or simple yet pretty pieces.
The sun shone so brightly and it means hot weather but if you are worrying about me sweating profusely well I assure you I only wore the jacket inside the air conditioned rooms. Good thing my statement shirt is so chic even worn alone. It says “Laters, baby” too bad the skirt covered the baby but next time I’ll wear it again making sure the quote would be seen. If you are a Fifty Shades of Grey fan girl (Well you have to be one in order to recognize the quote.) like me then you must be thrilled and envious even with this shirt. Anyways, I only made this shirt with shirt printing so you just have to wait for my post about that soon! I am even planning on doing more Fifty Shades quotes and Gossip Girl ones.
Warning: Sorry about the interruption but if you are not a fanatic you could just skip in this part which is fine but if you are one then don’t dare miss this!
Trivia for the Day: August 1 2014 is the day that the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey: We Aim to Please will be released. No cast yet but I am hoping that Mr. Grey would be Ian Somerhalder, yes, go Ian Team!  Another trivia which I’m pretty sure won’t make you happy like me, actually my heart sank when I read about this because according to my research E.L. James said to the interview that she is far from doing the Fifty Shades of Grey in Christian Grey’s perspective, she would be focusing on writing other books first. Anyways let’s just wait; we don’t know we’ll just be surprised one day with the fourth sequel.
Anyways if you are still reading up to now then you made me so happy. Back to my outfit, I paired the simple shirt with this floral skirt which I guess gave justice to my simple outfit since many noticed it.
The necklace says it all about the Blog expo. Happily ever after! Well sort of.--
But the surprise with my outfit is the shoes I’m wearing. Tah-dah! These past few weeks I’ve been donning and loving sneakers because they’re just so comfy but what’s nice about this is that it has heels that give me extra height I needed. My look is so preppy, very appropriate for schooling haha! See, I managed to look bloggers-meet-up worthy just by choosing pieces that are subtle but attention-grabbing enough.
With the denim jacket it has a tendency to look retro-ish so I skip the scarf headband but if that’s what I’m aiming for then I could do that also and swipe red lipstick on to complete the look and then changed into ballet shoes.
How about you? What would you choose over this outfit, sexy pumps or comfy Sneaks? Feel free to comment below!

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