Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some Shades of Gray

What do you think of a rainy Saturday? I have a feeling that you might be thinking right now of snuggling in your bed while watching telly, surfing the net, or just having a good time with your family. That was what I supposedly done if not for my afternoon class but the worst part of it am the fact that I have to study four bloody chapters of mind boggling articles for my Law subject! Imagine my frustrations for not having to enjoy my weekends considering that this is the week (starting Tuesday) of my Prelims exams, along with that is my defense for a particular subject, oh the stress I have to go through!

So much for my ranting which I am sorry if you are annoyed to. So now I am back to my main purpose. As I’ve said our country is having his bipolar syndrome again, it rained hard then sunny the next which brought me to confusion especially on what to wear on my way to school. I decided to blend with the weather and adapt the gloomy atmosphere of it. So is the birth of my title, some shades of gray since obviously I am almost in palette of gray from head to toe. But half of my title inspiration is my obsession to the hit book novel, Fifty Shades of Grey; you might want to start reading it now if you want to relate in my little addiction at present, you might just find CG too hot to handle! 

  Anyways my outfit yesterday was just a simple collaboration of gray basics in my wardrobe like the jeans, jacket, and the shirt which gave the look the oomph it’s asking for with the crystal detail, simple yet attractive enough to make the look come alive.
 You might be surprised of my choice of colors for this ensemble but I guess the weather and mood has really something to do with the way you dress and add to that is the dresser’s curiosity to try new things for a change.
 Fringe earrings can really go a long way! Sorry but this piece is in blue, I could put other color in this look too, couldn't I?

P.S. Sorry for dumping this post with so many pictures, it just that my bestfriend Claudine and I had so much fun shooting that we didn’t notice we already accumulated too many shots and it is such a waste to not post it here but I swear I already narrowed it down but don’t mistook me as being narcissist because we’re just girls who wanna and really had fun- the simplest way to explain why is this so.
How about you? What would you wear to withstand the Philippines’ dual personality AKA seasonal changes? 

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