Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Step out of Mediocrity

 If you have visited my blog many times (I hope you do!)  You would notice my love for vibrant colors. I don’t know I just love seeing colorful things especially wearing it as it makes my mood lighter and happier but yesterday I just felt like wearing a cleaner and polish business outfit. That is why I chose the everlasting classic, crisp white polo and matched it with this peach skirt. Doesn’t it look so fresh! You see, I could be more CEO qualified looking even I don’t wear the perfect black suit and about that I’m still in search for the black suit/ skirt. I just can’t seem to find the right one for me which means simple and classic yet with something unique in it- I know right, I’m so choosy but I’m pretty sure that once I found the one it would be worth it.

           Anyways I would just like to tell you a tip; If you are preparing a business attire and you are thinking of wearing a skirt be sure that it is not so short yet not so long. Also know your proportions, if you are not that gifted with height don’t be tempt to wear a skirt just long enough to cover your bum because let’s be frank there is a slim chance or none at all that you would be hired for a job or be respected the way you should be when in a formal event. What you can do is find a skirt that settles above your knees or 1-2 inches above more- that is the maximum and wear heels, there is no better way to gain height than that but if you are not keen in wearing heels then 2 inches will do or better yet you could dwell with platforms that are stylish enough to highlight your ensemble. But then, don’t be too conservative and choose too long skirts unless it’s a maxi skirt that has a nice silhouette but avoid the long, straight or fitted ones except if you are attending just a semi-formal or fancy events. But don’t fret because there are skirts that are calf- length that are equally chic as well but let me tell you it suits long-legged and slim girls more but if you really want to don this but don’t have the said requirements then the tip about heels above are your best bet.  Lastly nothing beats the classic pencil skirts whatever body size or shape you are but feel free to explore options as long as you bring common sense about the office rules then you are safe. Why am I very concerned all of a sudden? Well it is because in our univ we have this what we call SWAFO who checks on students if they are following the school rules and as what I've observed every Tuesday many girls who are wearing mini skirts are filling the record book of SWAFO so I think this post would be kind of help.

 Now for accessories if you might ask, I believe that in corporate attires excessorizing is a big no-no but if you want to add drama and the event does not call for strict business dress code then you can choose one ultimate accessory may it be a necklace or earrings that can bring your whole outfit to the next level and then just wear a watch and simple rings if you want to. Colors would help too like my popping orange bag which is the perfect size to accommodate all my bulky books. Just want to rant about my day, I actually had three quizzes and yes I am so stressed but today am my rest day so want to suggest some activities to do to help me de-stress?
 These shoes won’t pass if you’ll take it on formal events actually anything that has an animal print as it should be only plain ones as much as possible and stick with nude or dark colors never the trendy neon please. But since I’m on a free zone, these babies made my look feisty.

I’ve written so much about this post but swear the tips above would help you to score big points in dressing business attire appropriately.

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                          What you think about my look? Feel free to comment below! :)

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