Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sugar Rush

                I just said in my previous post that these days I’m having a hard time to get my ass to prepare a more made up outfit but then I realized that I can’t be going like that  and I’m not in my best behavior so this Tuesday I ought to wear a well-thought ensemble.
                To be honest I sometimes cringe at the sight of many Marketing students donning black-white attires but then I also get intimidated like maybe that is how a businessman should really dress but I knew in myself that when I push myself to be like them I could also pull it off with certain degree of more professional image. (And of course I won’t help myself but add even just a tiny bit of twist to it but that is soon to happen.) But since I still have excess free will to dress any way I want I would take advantage of it. Like this yummy outfit of mine which vomits candy sprinkles I think!
The first piece in this outfit that I got in my closet is this sweet mint blazer which is already a total knockout so I just needed to find other clothes to match it with. The pastel color of it inspired me to do a sugar and spice and everything nice themed ensemble so I picked more light colored pieces like this tank top and floral pants which has no doubt would compliment my outfit in mind.
And then from the clothes I went to accessories and shoes which became so easy to choose because of the whole theme I am aiming.
And that is the process of how I choose my outfit that day. Effortless but looks pretty enough and may I say yummy just to look at, LOL!

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