Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yellow Lane

It’s the time of the month again to have my visit to my dentist and if you are just interested to know what color of my rubber is right now, well it is teal or grayish blue. I guess this little decision was greatly affected by my outfit today haha! Anyways I wanted to be just casual so I went with the polo- shorts combo which I happily added with a little details like this cap and wedge sneakers which by the way I’m loving so much right now because of the certain height it gives me when I’m wearing it. These little additions are best way to have my formal polo a more casual approach. I don’t know why I  take my outfit as a baseball player’s but good thing I ditched the long socks hence a more eye-friendly outfit is the result.
Do I rock the casual sporty look or should I just stay with my usual get-ups? Feel free and comment below as I wanna hear your precious opinion.:)

P.S. I love the vividness of this yellow water pump beside me! 

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