Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm Caught Up!

 Finally, I’ve been caught up with the weather and wore an outfit in dark colors, not to mention a bonnet- which I totally fancy by the way!
 Still this is not a cold-worthy kind of clothes yet being black it is makes it coherent with the rainy season.
Also since our country is not that accustomed to layering like those in other country, dressing up can be constraining but at least you know there are still ways to cope up with this if you really want to don a winter/ fall outfits. For example you can layer on a thin jacket over shorts or skirt to balance the proportion so it won’t look too heavy or too much trying hard.
 This dress is just simple but if you look closely you would see its intricate embroidery work. If you are wearing a solid color pieces, one thing to make it not boring is by choosing ones with special textures.
A touch of color different from the whole palette of your outfit can add a pop like the neon lime green bag I'm carrying.

                                                            That’s it for my rainy ensemble!   
P.S. It's been three days of hard raining so we have no classes too. Yes, you might be happy for awhile because you can rest from all the tons of schoolworks but then let's not forget the ones who are greatly affected by the storm. Let us pray for their safety guys and of course for their fast recovery, that is the least that we could do.

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