Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I've Got the Magic in Me

 We were invited to the ORSP seminar held at Ateneo. The required attire said Smart Casual so I happily obliged but to my awkwardness many other attendees are just in casual clothes. But I guess following the rules is still appropriate especially if the event you are going to strictly applies the dress code so as to not offend the host you should do what is asked.
 But what is really the difference between the two? Actually there is only a thin line between those. Casual as you know is the simplest form of dress wear; you probably don it almost every day because it spells comfort and ease. Usually jeans is the staple item in casual dressing paired with a simple top such as blouse in light materials while for shoes, sneakers, flats, sandals, and alike would do.
 And for Smart Casual, you should think Business Attire in a more relaxing way. It’s mixing formal pieces with casual ones like jeans or bottoms that are not slacks then a tailored top or you could even layer it with a structured blazer.  But the fun part is that you could play with prints and colors here because it is down playing a serious outfit.

                 In my case, I did the job with choosing a bottom with a print that is subtle to not overwhelm a smart casual look I am aiming and is not the common solid colors that is usually worn in business attire yet it is eye-catching enough. Then I chose a see-through top in nude color; I only wore a bra underneath for just a hint of sexiness a bit which does not hurt since it is tastefully done; and to give you a tip, never wear a nude bra if you are going to show it since it may not exude the same effect we want to achieve here.
 Throwing a blazer or cardigan is a must to cover the top-over-bra look if you are going to a business or formal event to keep the professional image, and if you are not too comfortable to bare too much skin. Anyways adding textures altogether could do wonders also or an interesting touch. Here, I mixed the jersey bottom with chiffon blazer on chiffon top. Actually if you are wondering the reason for my title, it's because I think my blazer reminds me of magicians with their long tail coat which has flair in it, I don't know if it's just me but I hope you could ride with my imaginations, LOL!

       Colors could really make an outfit worth looking at, but who says brights and neons could only do that? Nudes, and light colors could too, even when matched together as long as you keep focused on what you are aiming for and being appropriate for the event which means no overdressing but certainly not being underdressed too.

P.S. I found my backdrop so cute and refreshing especially the violet arc. There are more interesting and artistic creations there that could be used as backdrops but I refrained from posing at the middle of the crowd- if you know what I mean.


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