Saturday, August 31, 2013

One for the Money. Two for the Show

 As what I always say, challenging yourself once in a while is healthy as it measures you as a person and you would know your limits and also discover something about yourself.
 So feeling daring and cheeky, I attempt to don yet again a print-on-print ensemble. This time I wasn’t so sure if it would work and I’m very hesitant at first with pairing polka dots and checkered.
 But I guess you’ll never know if it’s going to be fine unless you do it and to my relief it looks great. Since I wasn’t that sure before with the outcome, I took it slowly and tone down the colors with dark violet top since my bottoms are black and white because playing with lot of colors could be risky and there is a tendency that it would be too clashing and could be a sore in the eyes.
 To make it more fun I did some K-Pop upgrade to my look by cropping my top and topping it with a denim jacket to mellow down the sexiness or my skin being exposed too much.

The only accessory I put in my outfit is this elephant’s tusk necklace that is compliment with the whites on my top. It actually added the regal taste in the ensemble.

 I went for the androgynous look by wearing brogues in white and black to match my leggings- which by the way are very nice since it’s a thick version so avoiding VPLs are easy as 1, 2, 3.

 Then the debut of this superb bag which is the reason for my title for this post… Don’t you just find this Elvis Presley image so amusing and interesting? Because it makes me think of the stardom of the King of Rock N' Roll and the elegance and confidence he exudes every time he performs. I’m not really familiar with his biography and I’m not an avid fan of this icon but he somehow gave me unlimited ideas on how to relive his days through dressing up which also arise some challenges on how to create an outfit may it be street hippie or classic Hollywood inspired from that decade yet at the same time modern and practical enough to wear at the present.

 Not to mention, this outfit sort of pass as an outfit that Elvis might wear when he is out on stage, with the denim jacket, skinnies, and loafers for him. The only lacking here is for my hair to be teased which is so unlikely to happen, LOL!

 Actually since I wore this outfit to school I originally wore it simple with jacket less and top hanging the way it is. The top is also special on its own because of its boxy shape that kind of reminds me of our own Barong- a Filipino traditional costume for men.

 But if I want to experiment a bit, the top pictures are the way to go. It just goes to shows that a little bit of adding some pieces to your ensemble could spice it up.

P.S. Pardon me for bombarding you with lotsa pictures but I swear it only took a couple of minutes to shoot. This is what always happens when my photographer is my bestie, Claudine. We ought to take many shots for options but ending up posting it all here as I can’t choose what to let go. But I wonder why when others take my pictures I only have several shots enough to post. Therefore I conclude that really, when you’re too comfortable with the one taking your outfit shots, you tend to reveal more, especially you’re hidden poses, haha-di-ha!

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