Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Sunshine

 I’ve been culling between what title I would give this outfit post, I’m thinking it might be good to name it Bubblegum because obviously you could see the resemblance of the renowned candy to my ensemble’s colors which also makes the title, Tutti Fruity suitable. Yet I decided to incorporate the song that I keep on listening a number of times in my playlist; Summer Sunshine by The Corrs since this outfit is sure to bring the anticipated season’s memories back.
   I know that the weather here in the Philippines these past few days was a little crazy so it is just expected to wear dark-colored clothes which could also cover your body. But Au Contrare, mon frère, there is no stopping someone to express his/ her likes in the way he/ she dresses especially if you have a bipolar weather like the Philippines which would shine bright now then rain the next.

        Anyways, I’m sure it’s not me but also you who could see the cheerleader feel in my outfit because of the skirt with its electric pleats. The color is cheerful, the volume is flirty, what more can you ask for in a fun outfit like this!
    I refrained from piling on accessories since the colors is already a statement and putting on some blings might heavy-fy the whole look.

          P.S. I just cut my hair and I think it’s a refreshing way to have a different look once in a while and to steer from the usual, also I think keeping my hair long seemed to be a security blanket already so trying change is healthy. It also helped that sporting a midlength hair gives softness and lightness to the outfits I wear and I would wear.

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