Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Hint of Mint

       Happy Saturday everyone! My yesterday’s agenda was to have my braces checked for my monthly    check-up.
I want to be as carefree and breezy as possible so shorts are the first things that came to my mind.
 There’s just something about Breton tops that makes it a classic choice. It’s simple and plain yet so so easy to pair with anything in your closet, not to mention it’s hassle-free to style whether whatever kind of fashion you’re into
 But I am so intrigued with girls who seem to perfect the art of dressing up a laidback outfit then pairing it with an item that would take the whole outfit up a notch. So my attempt in doing a copycat of those is by adding this basic tee and denim shorts- which remind me actually of a newspaper boy because of its length and volume, anyways I layered it with an oversized blazer. But of course I cherry-picked a pastel color since it won’t create an illusion of serious business. Moreover is that the teal makes a nice match with the stripes and denim.

 Remember these sunnies? Why not when these are the first DIY I presented in my blog just this Thursday. Looks like it can’t wait to make an appearance for an outfit post. Anyways my OOTD calls for a colorful touch like this.
One thing I love about sunnies are that they can be a perfect and fashionable excuse when you want to hide your peepers for some reason like puffy eyes, no makeup, or even unkempt brows (yikes!)
So why not grab a pretty sunnies before you go out.
 I somehow realized that as time goes by I keep on refraining from accessorizing too much even though I keep buying more- a habit of mine that I need to knock off soon.
Maybe because I can now see the beauty of selecting one statement piece that would hold or make the whole apparel stand out or sometimes minimal accessories are enough like rings with designs that are apt to your outfit peg.

 Lastly, never underestimate the power of belts because it could definitely highlight an attire like mine which by surprisingly is the same with my blazer’s color, cute eh?

I’m pleased with the look I managed to put together and brought out an extraordinary from an ordinary. How about you? How can you make your uniform outfit special? Care to share? J

P.S. I just want to share with you what color my rubbers are right now. It’s neon green for a whole month of September! Gimme some lollipop for that brave act haha!

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