Wednesday, September 11, 2013

At a Glance

 Funny how many times I have seen and walked my way at this certain area and thought of having it as a backdrop just now! Why, oh why?!?
 Well I can’t blame myself that much because this vicinity at our school is somehow far from the usual pathway and not many people are taking a stroll here which makes it a perfect place to shoot!
 I’ve been finding a wall-covered with greens for a time and here it is hiding somewhere just waiting for me to give it a glance and more brownie points for its having Yellowbell flowers which makes it darn awesome.
 Looks like I’m on my mission to locate well-hidden “sanctuary” a.k.a outfit shots location just to give my blog some breather from my usual backdrops.
 Too much gushing about my new secret (well, not so much as a secret) discovery that I forgot to mention that it’s our Students’ Week! So it is mandatory for us to wear civilian clothes. So far I have not yet feel the vibes of this celebration because I haven’t participated in any events yet because none calls my interest up to now and also some of my classes are still not cut, thanks to my uber loyal professors (just kidding!) I’ve been also dumped with tons of paperworks for my Finals so I’m busy putting my nose into it to even have a good time, alright I’m being killjoy now, where’s the fun? Maybe this Sem break which plans of excursions are already lined up?! I’m really looking forward to that.
   Now I'll talk about my look. If I could add another item to the list of the wardrobe basics it would be denim polo. Why? Well, why not, if this piece is certainly can be paired with anything top or bottoms. It could even be spiked up by DIY-ing it with studs or dyeing it for an ombre look.
   I’m having one of my lazy days again to make such an effort to prepare what I’ll be wearing but because of this overused denim polo from Gap that I paired with these pink Crissa pants it became instantly chic even though I just put the two pieces in a rush. Oh, the power of colors, that even I don’t excessorize my outfit turns out to be great nonetheless.
          Like in this post where I wore colored jeans, it can really brighten up a look and I just noticed somehow that I also wore a denim top but with a print. So I might be taking advantage of the denim- colored pants lately, LOL!

                But needless to say, denims are here to stay so might as well enjoy it to the maximum level by mix and matching it with colors or even prints, also throwing vest or jacket would also work.
           Oversized earring are to-go when you're in a rush but still needs an extra oomph to your look.
 I did not wear many accessories but this vintage bow brooch from my mom is very posh and hard to just ignore so I used it and had the androgynous vibe in my outfit.

        The final touch is this Rusty Lopez shoes which does not have any common color with the outfit but surprisingly fits the total ensemble.

                 P.S. I guess you already know who took my pictures by just counting it, haha!

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