Thursday, September 5, 2013

FIY it's DIY: Flower Sunnies

           What’s up?! I’ve been thinking for awhile on what to post here in my blog aside from occasional events and the usual OOTD ones. So this idea just popped up in my mind and because I’m starting fresh I would show first a simple DIY or Do-It-Yourself project.
It’s still summer when these adorable sunnies came out and became a hit but who says you can’t go out and parade this kawaii eye protectors/ pa-cute eye accessories now? Who knows these might shoo away the pasaway (naughty) rain ahead, LOL!
           So here goes my simple and easy to follow instructions. Hope you’ll find it helpful and most of all enjoy my dears!
                First up are the things you’ll need:
                 Any beads of your choice would do like Swarovski, wood, etc but I want roses on my peepers’         covers; you could buy this at Craft or Book Stores in different sizes and colors.

                Also, any shape of sunglasses would suffice.
                Next, decide on how you’ll align the beads depending on color.

                Now glue it! Be careful on squeezing the tube or else it would spill on the wrong area. If you accidentally messed with the glue, quickly dab/wipe it with wet cloth before it dries so it won’t be hard to get and further damage the glasses.
                                                            Put the beads one by one on your choice of location.

                                                           Don’t forget to do the other side! 

                Tah-dah! You’re very own flower-rimmed sunnies. You could also opt to design the whole rim if you’re feeling adventurous but this on-top only would do already.
See, all it takes are creativity, patience and time (well actually this project does not need so much, luck you!) You don’t have to spend so much with ready-to-buy ones because you could make your own which is more special since you DIY-ed it!
I had so much fun doing this segment, so watch out for another rounds of projects in the near future and I hope that I’d be brazen enough to do more complex crafts.

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