Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kaleidoscope World

 Every color, every hue; it’s represented by me and you… Here in Kaleidoscope world.
Remember that very catchy song by the Master Rapper, Francis M. I could really see that song as my reference for this outfit. Because of the jambalaya of colors in my jacket which if I may add also resembles the baggy ones they wear in the 70’s, what a coincidence! 

 I find this jacket very riveting. But a jacket as striking as this can look overly done and tacky if mismatched with other clothes. But who says you have to put so much effort if you have a statement piece like this. So I did not go risky and opted for jeans with a solid color I picked from one of too many colors in my jacket, the one that has the dinkiest portion which is pink. I tend to use that trick whenever I’m having a hard time choosing what to pair with a colorful number so that it won’t overwhelm the whole look or to just accentuate the color. But if you want to go edgy and attention- grabbing then you can also choose printed bottoms, just be careful with the colors and size of the print, the smaller, the better it will be as it won’t clash with the whole look.
This bag may not be as rainbow-y as my clothes but the graffiti goes well with the ensemble. It’s the tea to a cake which balances out too much sweetness.

 I was a bit disappointed that I did not even tried to grab a necklace before I go out my house as I was running late for my class but I guess I’m still lucky that this enthralling (sorry for outpouring you with adjectives that I can’t help writing here, there are just so many to describe this jacket!) jacket is such a life-saver.  I thank the Ber months for the cold weather so I can pull out the jackets I’ve been hiding at the depth of my closet as it is starting to dust, LOL. You know the feeling when you keep on stocking winter season clothes you can’t really use because of our tropical climate but keep insisting… and praying that you’ll have a chance to flaunt it? Well here it is now so I grab every possible moment till I can!

 The shoes gave enough edge and fierceness to the look but still did not fight with the attention from my “center piece”.
                                             So do you like it or lump it?
P.S. For sure you already know that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie had already announced its cast. Unfortunately I’m one with the netizens who don’t agree but no, it does not enter my mind to join the petition. Yet I’m still hung up with Ian Somerhalder and I think he really makes a great Mr. Grey (or for the others Matt Bomer) but the movie staffs are right, there are reasons why they chose them and maybe we should just respect their decision and even give the movie an opportunity but hey, in my heart Damon of Vampire diaries is still my fifty. Always! Period!

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