Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chasing the Sun

 Funny how the title falls to be an irony or somewhat torn between two interpretations because 1. We were trying to get these pictures in a rush before it gets dark yet 2. We sought after the gleaming sunset rays of light for the added effect to the shot. In the end we’re the victorious ones (insert champion’s laugh here!) 
 As usual this was taken after our Saturday class; we had long quiz for that day and boy, did my brain do a cartwheel with all the memorizations it has to do but I’m pretty happy with myself because I’m assuming that I did a job well done at the test.
 Therefore I did not waste my brain energy in thinking what to wear so I grabbed these cool pants I’ve been eyeing and drooling to get my legs on. The sailor’s ship and anchor print are just too cute it can even pass as my pj’s haha! I thought of pairing it with Breton top and then some red and navy colored “paraphernalia” but I want to look light, fun, and relaxed so I slide some yellow belt and nude-colored top that has a very adorable crochet pattern that resembles a dream catcher/ parol/ circle stencils for me because I don’t know if you see those too or it’s just really me.

 Instead of chokers or chunky necklaces I opt for a minimal long-strand one with Eiffel tower, pearl, and rose charms since it is more laid-back yet very dainty.
 And say hello to my overused shoes again that it became my uniform already. I regret that I did not wear brown combat shoes instead but then maybe there are some better outfits that it deserves to be seen with.

P.S. One week before our most awaited Sem Break but before that there is the last wave of school requirements I have to conquer first so wish me luck!

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